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Who Were Marvel’s Most Evil X-Men – And What Happened to Them?

The most monstrous version of the X-Men didn’t last very long, but they left some terrifying implications behind after making their terrifying introduction.

The X-Men are no strangers to the myriad of worlds that exist outside of their own. From alternate dimensions and timelines, Marvel’s foremost mutant heroes have seen it all, including more than a few twisted versions of themselves. In fact, some of the team’s greatest enemies have been made up of their own ranks from other worlds. The worst of them all, however, were led by the team’s very own Hank McCoy.

When the Multiverse was shattered in the events of 2015’s Secret Wars, it led to the creation of worlds bearing a striking resemblance to those fans know best. While most of the figures who inhabited them would be returned to their normal lives once the damage was undone, an alternate version of Madelyne Pryor and her demon army found themselves stranded in Limbo rather than being reset. Early attempts to infiltrate Earth proved unsuccessful, but it wasn’t long before the Goblin Queen found just the help she needed in the form of the young, time displaced Hank McCoy. As the young Beast was studying magic, Pryor was able to turn her tutelage into a lethal trap. Albeit unwittingly, Beast still freed the Goblin Queen upon the world in the pages of 2017’s X-Men: Blue #10 by Cullen Bunn and Giovanni Valletta. Even worse, she brought her very own twisted X-Men along for the ride.

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Referred to as the Hex-Men, the team included demonic, vampiric, and even draconic versions of Pixie, Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler. Flanked by the Goblin Queen’s demon army and aided by the now Mystic Beast’s magic, the Hex-Men made life a quite literal living Hell for the series’ titular heroes. Eventually, Beast banished the Goblin Queen and most of her army using the same magic that had brought them to his world. Bloodstorm would be the lone member of the Hex-Men to remain, quickly finding a place among the rest of the team.

Unfortunately, Bloodstorm’s fate was sealed not long after her arrival in the pages of 2018’s Extermination #1 by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz when she was killed by the mutant hunting Ahab. While her story may be over, those of the other Hex-Men could very well find their way back into the spotlight. Assuming Madelyne Pryor returned to the very same Limbo that Beast had summoned her from, the odds of her reappearing are more likely than not. The chances of her still commanding her own twisted X-Men when that happens, on the other hand, is not so great.

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The fates of the Hex-Men’s Pixie and Colossus are still as much a mystery as they themselves were. All that fans ever really got to learn about the two were that they had been made promises they couldn’t refuse just as the others had been. If the Goblin Queen of Secret Wars‘ Inferno does decide to make another attempt at a comeback, she may have some familiar faces waiting for her on the other side of the battlefield.

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