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If you consume shounen anime, you’re likely familiar with My Hero Academia, one of the most popular anime today. My Hero Academia is set in a Tokyo in which eighty percent of children are born with a quirk, a special ability such as super strength or invisibility. Izuku Midoriya is a boy without a quirk, but he gains one through inheriting it from All Might, his personal idol and the Number 1 hero of Japan. Izuku then enrolls in UA High, a prestigious high school that trains students in the use of their quirks to become heroes that protect society from villains.

My Hero Academia is an action-packed anime that is exceedingly well-animated and the quirks are all unique and well-utilized. There are classic abilities, like super strength, but also more unique ones, like the ability to create inorganic objects inside one’s body. Each fight puts you at the edge of your seat, but My Hero Academia is also more than just a flashy anime. It’s a funny one, with humorous dialog and jokes that seem natural instead of squeezed in, and it’s also emotional. Going into My Hero Academia, I initially felt a bit hesitant as I usually don’t like superhero stuff, mostly because I find the characters unrelatable, but My Hero Academia shocked me with how human the characters feel. Each character has personal reasons for training to be a hero, ranging from heroic reasons like wanting to make Japan a better place to relatable ones like needing to earn money to support one’s family.

Finally, another strong point of this anime is its depiction of the characters’ relationships with one another. While they may be heroes in training, the characters are also high school students. They form friendships and rivalries among their classmates, and their relationships with their families also come into play. If you are looking for a fun action anime that will surpass all of your expectations, there is no reason to not give My Hero Academia a try.

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