Toei Animation, Sotsu Unveil Sharedol Franchise’s ‘Pilot Film’ – News

“Edo x Idol” IP centers on idols in “Neo Edo” world

Toei Animation began streaming the anime “pilot film” for its new IP Sharedol on Monday. Toei Animation‘s new intellectual property research team PEROs (Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio) and young producers of Sotsu produced the pilot project together.

The video features the song “SHA ☆ LA ☆ LA ☆ Sharakuse !!!” by the group Lir:∀.

Atsutoshi Umezawa from Toei Animation and Hideyuki Namba from Sotsu are credited for planning, while Shintaro Fukase from Toei Animation and Takayuki Funahashi from Sotsu are credited as chief producers. Kōki Higurashi from Sotsu is credited as producer.

Yoshihiro Kanno (Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld action animation director) directed the pilot film at Toei Animation and Dangun Pictures. Minami Yoshida drew the character designs, and was also the animation director. Kenji Matsumoto is credited for art design and backgrounds. Setsu Nagata is credited for color design, color coordinator, and inspection. Ryotaro Nakano is credited for compositing, with Nobuhiro Maki as editor.

The companies describe the IP with the theme of “Edo x Idol.” Sharedol is a work that combines two ideas selected from 15 proposed concepts. The story is set in the Kansei era in Japan’s Edo period, and Matsudaira Sadanobu’s Kansei reforms have restricted entertainment for the common people. A group of girls with their own worries have thoughts that “erupt as idols.” These Edo period girls wear idol costumes in a “Neo Edo” world that combines the cultures of the Kansei and modern Reiwa eras.

The project’s official Twitter account will reveal more details about the world and characters in the future. The staff will also consider fan reaction as it moves forward.

The project is being developed with the following in mind: changes in media and distribution spread via the internet, the need for human resources development for young producers who will lead the next generation, and the need for small starts and co-creation with fans in original IP.

Toei streamed its full five-minute anime short film URVAN on YouTube in February. Toei Animation‘s PEROs produced the film. The short film was originally slated to debut in late January, but was delayed due to COVID-19.

URVAN won the Silver Prize in the Technology Innovation Category of the first Kyoto Animonozukuri Awards in September.

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