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Thor Writer Addresses Latest Issue’s Major Continuity Error

Writer Donny Cates has a simple explanation for the continuity error that caused the hammer Mjolnir to suddenly appear in the latest issue of Thor.

The famous hammer Mjolnir’s unexpected appearance in the latest issue of Thor raised some questions for fans.

Recent issues of Thor have focused on the now-King Odinson as he struggles to find time for both his acts of heroism and responsibilities to Asgard. The strain of this balancing act has made it difficult for Thor to wield Mjolnir reliably in battle. Recognizing the danger that this presents to him while understanding that Mjolnir cannot be left out in the open, Thor locked the hammer away deep within Avengers Mountain, but shortly after, it vanished without a trace. However, when Thor traveled outside of Asgard for answers, he appeared to already have Mjolnir in his grasp — for one panel. This caused fans to reach out to writer Donny Cates for answers, which the author willingly supplied.

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Cates admitted that it was simply a goof from the creative team, who didn’t pick up on Mjolnir’s sudden appearance. He explained,  “A lot of very, VERY tired creative team members who are very very upset with themselves for not catching this one. Sorry guys. Comics are hard sometimes.” Cates also noted in a hashtag that it was something that they’ll be able to edit out in future editions of the book, specifically the trade paperback.

After owning up to the mistake, Cates continued the conversation with fans, who gladly accepted that the continuity error was nothing to get upset about. Cates, who has a history of being open with the public, explained that the intent behind the page was for the Odinson to appear via the Bifrost. He also insisted that Thor doesn’t actually teleport anywhere. One fan joked that Thor was simply carrying his “emotional support hammer,” which amused Cates so much that he offered up one of Marvel’s infamous No-Prizes.

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This isn’t the first time that Thor has had issues with his hammer. During the run of J. Michael Straczynski, Mjolnir was shattered and put back together by using a portion of Thor’s soul. Later, in the midst of Jason Aaron’s tenure on the title, the Odinson was deemed unworthy to pick up Mjolnir, leading Jane Foster to become the new Thor. At times, Mjolnir has also been outright abandoned, with Thor wielding the power of Jarnbjorn, Stormbreaker and the Ultimate Universe’s Mjolnir on separate occasions.

Starting next month, Cates will be the writer of the new Hulk series. Alongside artist Ryan Ottley, the book will take Bruce Banner to the stars and back as he smashes everything in sight. Over the summer, Cates and frequent collaborator Ryan Stegman also announced the formation of their own comic book imprint Kids Love Chains Press, which currently distributes books digitally through Substack.

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