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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight’s Feywild Minis, Explained

D&D’s latest adventure, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, is getting a set of official Icons of the Realms minis. Here’s what players should know.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is the newest Dungeons & Dragons campaign book, taking players on an adventure into the magical fairytale realm of the Feywild. This is a land of whimsy and wonder, but as is often the case with fairytales, things are more dangerous than they appear. The book features threatening monsters, incredible creatures, two new playable races and several classic characters that long-time players will be excited to see return.

In recent years, the company Wizkids has produced the official licensed D&D miniatures under the brand name Icons of the Realms. Now, Wizkids is releasing a set of minis specifically for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which will bring this enchanted adventure to life. Here’s what potential buyers should know about them.

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The Feywild is one of two realms in D&D inspired by fairytales. Its counterpart, the Shadowfell, is a land of darkness and nightmare based on the Unseelie Court. In contrast, the Feywild is a Seelie-inspired land of light and childlike wonder, filled with mischievous pixies, tiny time-altering brigganocks and glaive-wielding bullywug frog knights. Wild Beyond the Witchlight highlights this realm and even depicts the legendary Jabberwock, based on Lewis Carroll’s famous poem. The book also introduces two new playable races, fairies and harengon (AKA rabbitfolk).

Icons of the Realms: The Wild Beyond the Withclight minis

The pre-painted minis for Wild Beyond the Witchlight are intricately detailed and beautifully colored figures that will certainly help create a sense of magic and wonder at the gaming table. Minis are normally used in combat encounters, and Icons of the Realms understands how to bring a battle to life. However, the adventure was also designed to allow players to complete the campaign as pacifists who never fight anyone. Thankfully, the bullywogs, harengons and other minis are equally suited for both fight scenes and role-playing interactions. That said, the towering long-necked Jabberwock figure might make players think twice about their pacifism as they see how it looms over their much tinier characters.

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Most Icons of the Realms miniatures are sold in booster packs, each of which contains four randomized figures. A booster brick contains eight booster packs — which, altogether, can get quite pricy. Many game shops sell these minis at a discount, but the official Wizkids website lists the preorder price for a booster brick as $167.92 — a ridiculously high price for plastic figures, especially as there is no guarantee that you’;; get what you want in the randomized packs. However, there are also some pre-made sets with specific figures included.

The adventure’s first level introduces a fairy carnival with a fun cast of characters, depicted in the Witchlight Carnival Premium Set. These minis are perfect for role-playing and introducing players’ characters to the world. The other pre-made sets are the Valor’s Call Starter Set (featuring five classic D&D heroes) and the League of Malevolence Starter Set (which features five villains). These characters are actually adapted from the 90s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, but originally were part of the 1983 AD&D supplement The Shady Dragon Inn. They also previously appeared as beloved action figures in the 80s, which will give some older players a sense of nostalgia.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight minis are not required to enjoy the campaign. Plus, since other adventures rarely venture into the Feywild, most will probably not get much additional use out of this set. The figures are quite niche and probably too silly to incorporate into a more serious campaign. That said, players and Dungeon Masters interested in creating such a sense of fairytale wonder in their games will find a lot to appreciate with these minis.

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