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The Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories Is a Step in the Right Direction

The Sims 4 recently received an upgraded feature from The Sims 3, which allows neighboring Sims to have fuller and more interesting lives.

The Sims 4 has been a divisive game due to its many changes from its predecessors. While the game was criticized for feeling shallow at launch, a lot has been added since 2014 in the form of free updates and DLC. Now, a major gameplay component from The Sims 3 has finally made it into the game: Story Progression. This is a game changer that will, hopefully, make neighborhoods in The Sims 4 feel livelier.

Story Progression is The Sims 4‘s iteration of Neighborhood Stories introduced through the game’s latest update. It adds to the lives of Sims living within neighborhoods being played, meaning Sims outside the household will live their own lives instead of just aging and dying as time passes. It brings more life to the game by adding more spontaneity — something that’s been sorely lacking in The Sims 4.

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While Neighborhood Stories won’t solve all of The Sims 4‘s problems, it is a big step in making the game feel more like the life sim it is. The Sims Team has also build upon The Sims 3 by giving the player options to control what goes on in their neighborhood. Players can have a say in who gets married, how career paths are formed and more by having their Sim influence others, though there’s also the option to let things just play out on their own. There is even an option to monitor what goes on via messages. This new addition can’t be turned off just yet, but The Sims Team will be adding more game options to customize it.

The Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories introduced

Having just been rolled out, only the basics are currently present. For now, Sims can get married, change jobs, have children and become friends on their own — or with some encouragement from Sims in the current household. Of these, only changing jobs and getting married can happen autonomously, though player Sims can still influence these decisions if they want. More options will be coming with future updates, such as better interaction across more Sims, gameplay settings and more life events from expansions.

Neighborhood Stories is a major update that’s been needed for a long time. It will elevate The Sims 4 and, hopefully, give players more reasons to keep coming back. The feature makes the game’s world feel fuller and more lived-in, helping other Sims feel just as alive as those the player is actively controlling. While there aren’t any major consequences outside of a few broken hearts, it’s a leap forward that The Sims 4 sorely needed.

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