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The Outsiders Replaced Batman With One of DC’s Greatest Monsters

Batman: Urban Legends #8 reveals that the Outsiders replaced Batman with one of DC’s greatest monsters, and he’s a perfect fit.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #8, available now from DC Comics.

The Outsiders have always operated on the periphery of the DC Universe, taking on threats that nobody else has the skills and abilities to take care of by themselves. After Batman decided that his position in the Outsiders wasn’t needed anymore, it was decided to leave his position open for any heroes that needed their specific brand of help. The newest member to fill Batman’s position is DC’s greatest monster Frankenstein and he’s a perfect fit.

Batman: Urban Legends #8 last story “The Fearful” by Brandon Thomas, Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez, Alejandro Sanchez, and Steve Wands reveals that the Outsiders’ newest member Frankenstein literally brought them to an underground boxing match to save the world. Composed after Batman quit the Justice League, the Outsiders have always been the black sheep among DC’s superhero teams, making them the perfect heroes to defeat world-destroying threats that nobody else is equipped to defeat. When Batman left, the team came together and decided that they would leave his position open and offer it to any hero who found themselves going up against a threat they couldn’t handle by themselves. Frankenstein is the newest member to fill Batman’s spot and he needed the Outsider’s help to defeat Lord Vogel in a boxing match that would decide the fate of the world.

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Signal Fights Monster Batman Urban Legends

A shirtless Signal faced off against Lord Vogel in a boxing ring at the center of the Earth with hundreds of Vogel’s minions surrounding them. Signal got his punches in but Vogel punted him off the ring, throwing him into the waiting arms of Katana, Black Lightning, and Metamorpho. Metamorpho quipped to Black Lightning that he thought Signal was a real superhero, only for Black Lightning to answer that he needs time after his mother went missing, Metamorpho starts talking about missing Batman but Black Lightning cuts him off to tell Frankenstein to step into the ring. In the ring, Frankenstein hit Vogel with one solid punch to the jaw that sent him right into the mat. Vogel’s minions carried him away from the ring back into their caves. Victorious, Frankenstein thanked Black Lightning and the Outsiders for all their help. After Frankenstein left, Black Lightning from the future descended onto the stage, asking the Outsiders for help defeating the titular Fearful.

First debuting in Detective Comics #135, DC’s version of Frankenstein was created by Edmond Hamilton and Bob Kane. He’s based on Frankenstein’s monster created by Mary Shelley in 1818 for her novel Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus. There have been several iterations of Frankenstein since he first debuted, but the modern version of the character was created by Grant Morrison and Dough Manhke in 2005. This version of Frankenstein is one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Frankenstein is undead, created from an assortment of body parts grafted together by Victor Frankenstein. He’s functionally immortal and has superhuman strength. A surgical implant in his head allows him to mentally access the S.H.A.D.E. database. His two main weapons are the archangel Michael’s sword and an antique steam pistol shaped like a train.

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Frankenstein Fights Monsters Batman Urban Legends

Given that the Outsiders are sort of the outcasts of the superhero community, Frankenstein makes perfect sense as their fifth member. Since he was created by Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein has always been a loner, scouring the Earth in search of any and all monsters that would do harm to humanity. Because of his unique physiology, Frankenstein has always isolated himself from the rest of society, preferring to work in the shadows instead of daylight. He has been a member of various superhero teams but never managed to stick to any of them because he always thought of himself as separate from his teammates. Because his position with the Outsiders was only a part-time deal, it allowed Frankenstein to come in, hunt monsters, then leave back to his reclusive quest.

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