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The Last of Us Set Video May Show a Key Locale from the Game

A behind-the-scenes clip from HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us series reveals Joel, Tommy and Ellie walking through one familiar, wintertime setting.

New footage from HBO’s The Last of Us series treated viewers to a fully fleshed-out version of Tommy Miller’s Jackson, Wyoming community.

The clip, shot in Canmore, Alberta, tracks a camera crew on the set filming Tommy, played by Gabriel Luna, as he talks to Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie. All three leads are dressed in heavy winter clothing like coats and boots, while similarly-dressed extras perform remedial tasks like gathering firewood and pulling a green wagon across the snow. No audible details about the characters’ conversation are provided, but Joel can be seen walking with a supposed limp in his step.

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Based on its set design, the HBO version of Jackson heavily resembles the way it looked in The Last of Us Part II from 2020. The original 2013 game only teased Jackson’s appearance during its final scene, with Joel and Ellie first locating Tommy, his wife Maria and members of his community during the “Fall” chapter after they come across a nearby hydroelectric dam. This encounter also marked Joel and Tommy’s first reunion in years, a split caused by the latter’s time with the Fireflies group whom Joel must locate as part of his mission to protect Ellie.

In Part II, however, this location is central to the game’s opening act, establishing an older Ellie’s long-term relationships with its residents, her Infected monitoring duties and romance with fellow survivor Dina. Various flashback scenes throughout the game also revealed more of Ellie and Joel’s time spent in Jackson, as well as their own estrangement after Ellie learned what Joel did to the Fireflies in Salt Lake City.

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Production on The Last of Us began in early July, with leaked photos not only revealing more set adaptations of the game’s key locations like Boston’s quarantine zone but also behind-the scene-photos of Pascal and Ramsey as the iconic leads. Beyond Joel, Ellie and Tommy, multiple characters from The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II will make their way to the small screen, with HBO even re-hiring Merle Dandridge to play her original game character, Marlene. Actor Jeffrey Pierce, who initially voiced Tommy, was cast in the show as well, but as a different character named Perry.

While The Last of Us has yet to finish filming, the pilot episode, directed by director Kantemir Balagov, has been completed. The first season will consist of ten episodes, but no confirmation has been given to each episode’s individual runtimes.

A release date for HBO’s The Last of Us currently remains unknown.

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