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The Avengers Were Destroyed by Marvel’s New Doctor Strange Villains

The Death of Doctor Strange introduced a new trio of supernatural supervillains to the Marvel Universe, and they made a devastating first impression.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange #2, available now from Marvel.

The Marvel Universe has just lost its Sorcerer Supreme under the darkest circumstances imaginable, and things are already beginning to get even worse for the heroes who are left to mourn him. While a torrent of supernatural threats was unleashed by Doctor Strange’s untimely demise, a brand new trio of terrifying figures has emerged to lay waste to the Marvel Universe.

While they may have just debuted in The Death of Doctor Strange #2 by Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Cory Petit, the Three Mothers have already given the Avengers a brutal introduction to their mighty mystical powers.

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When Doctor Strange was viciously killed on the doorsteps of his home, the fatal blow was felt all around the world. Before long, the Sorcerer Supreme’s closest allies had gathered together at the Sanctum Sanctorum to discover his body and begin getting to the bottom of this heinous crime. At the moment of his death, a past version of Doctor Strange emerged from beyond a glowing white doorway to lend a hand. Meant to help settle Strange’s affairs and potentially find his killer after his death, this Doctor Strange is unfamiliar with most everyone else who has rushed to his side, though he passingly recognizes Clea when she comes crashing down onto his doorstep. Unfortunately, their reunion isn’t a welcome one, as Clea has brought with her a dire warning of a horrifying threat that has already arrived.

The Three Mothers are a grotesque trio comprised of the writhing mass known as the Crawling, the unsettlingly alien Wyrd and the hulking Crown, who all waste no time putting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers are characteristically quick to action in the face of these menacing new threats, even if they don’t have any idea what the Three Mothers are capable of. Thor is the first to pair off, choosing to take on the Crown alone, only to find himself severely lacking against the might of this new opponent. Meanwhile, Iron Man discovers that he is similarly outmatched against the Crawling when he is pinned down by one of its writhing limbs as the worms comprising it work their way into his armor, burning it away with ease. Even the Wyrd, who seems entirely disinterested in the conflict at hand, lays waste to both Captain America and Captain Marvel, all while using her enigmatic powers to map the planet she and her sisters have happened upon.

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With that task finished, the Three Mothers’ current affairs are all in order, and they leave the heroes with the ominous promise that they will return soon enough to finish what they started. Seeing these three leave so soon after mopping the floor with the Avengers is genuinely surprising, but it carries terrifying implications of its own. As Clea mentioned upon her arrival, the Three Mothers have followed her to Earth, like a pack of hunting dogs, in the hopes of feeding her to their own mysterious child.

Whatever the “child” that the Three Mothers are looking to feed actually is will certainly be at least as bad as they are. Considering the display of power they have just put on, it’s hard to imagine just how bad that could possibly be. From the brief conversation between Doctor Strange and Clea, it’s clear that these two are both familiar with the Three Mothers already, but their nature remains largely unrevealed beyond that. However, the danger that they represent could even be a bigger issue than Doctor Strange’s killing.

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