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System Shock Live Action Series in Development

A live-action adaption of System Shock is in development and will join the catalog of original video game-based content coming to Binge.

Cult-classic survival horror video game System Shock is being adapted into a live-action TV series.

As revealed by Deadline, the System Shock television series will be produced as a collaborative effort between current franchise developer Nightdive Studios and upcoming video game-focused streaming service Binge. The series will be produced by Allan Ungar, co-founder of Binge and director of the Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion.

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Little is currently known about the show beyond the fact that Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick and Director of Business Development Larry Kuperman will also serve as producers. “I’ve always believed that a live action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the harrowing story of Citadel Station and its rogue AI that subjects the crew to unimaginable horror,” said Kick. “We’re very excited to see the talented team at Binge bring System Shock to life in horrifyingly real and new ways.”

Ungar echoed Kick’s sentiments, saying, “System Shock is an iconic franchise adored by gamers for more than two decades and a series that helped redefine what it meant to play an FPS,” said Ungar. “We’re excited to do right by the franchise – and the genre – in bringing System Shock to life. Get ready for SHODAN.”

System Shock was originally released in 1994 for PC. The first-person action-adventure game is widely considered to be one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time, inspiring classics like Deus Ex, Bioshock and Prey (2017). The game places players on Citadel Station, a dilapidated space vessel taken over by killer robots who only answer to a rogue AI named SHODAN. It spawned a sequel, System Shock 2, which was released in 1999.

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Binge, scheduled to launch in 2022, is a new streaming service dedicated to video games and the culture surrounding them. The platform plans on producing a variety of original series and films; the service has reportedly already struck deals with a collection of high-profile partners. A show based on Ubisoft’s Driver franchise is currently in development for Binge with no solid release date.

Fans of System Shock looking to rediscover the original game are in for a treat. Nightdive Studios is working on a remake of the first game in the series that is expected to launch in 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Source: Deadline

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