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Strange Adventures Gives a Major DC Hero an Unexpected Sidekick

One Justice League hero just got themselves an unexpected partner in Strange Adventures, and it sets up an ideal situation for both.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Strange Adventures #12, now on sale

Strange Adventures has quietly reinvented Adam Strange into a far darker character, transforming him from a kooky space hero into a traitorous member of the Justice League. With the lies about his daughter exposed, the world of Raan is preparing for a far different future. But one notable character from that corner of the DC Universe is set up for a different path going forward.

By the end of Strange Adventures #12 by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Evan “Doc” Shaner and Clayton Cowles, Mister Terrific has gotten a new sidekick in the form of Aleea Strange — which could be an interesting development for both the classic hero and his new ward.

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Aleena Strange Mister Terrific

Strange Adventures has largely focused on Adam Stange and his wife Alanna. After surviving a war on Raan with the Pykkt that saw the apparent demise of their daughter Aleea, the pair returned to Earth and began a publicity tour of Strange’s new book — all in the name of gaining power and authority on Earth. However, as Mister Terrific was able to parse out and has been slowly revealed over the course of the series, Adam was revealed to have made an arrangement with the Pykkt. In exchange for secretly switching sides and arranging for the Pykkt to spare Raan, they turned their attention to Earth, which Adam was willing to sacrifice. As collateral, he gave them his daughter, with the promise that she would be released after their work taking over Earth was done.

However, the human heroes held the line long enough for Mister Terrific to expose his crimes to Alanna — who turned out to have no genuine knowledge of what her husband had done. Confronting Adam in Strange Adventures #11, a scuffle broke out that ended in Adam seemingly being fatally shot. It appears the would was indeed lethal, as Strange Adventures #12 confirms Adam’s death. Afterward, Alanna and Mister Terrific take a ship to confront the Pykkt. With the telltale Mister Terrific lines drawn across her face, Alanna demands her daughter be returned to her and starts a firefight on the ship.

Eventually, she and Mister Terrific locate Aleena and leave the Pykkt ship with her. On their flight back to Earth, Alanna reveals she’s moving back to Rann to help them prepare for the Pykkt’s inevitable revenge on the world now that Adam’s deal has effectively been shattered by his demise. Deciding that the only safe space in the galaxy for her daughter is on the planet the Pykkt were repelled — Earth — Alanna entrusts the safety of Aleea with Mister Terrific. She promises to visit as often as she can with the use of Zeta Beams, allowing her to effectively take Adam’s now vacant role as the “woman of two worlds.”

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Aleena Strange Mister Terrific 1

Despite Mister Terrific’s brief attempts to convince her otherwise, Alanna argues that it’s the least Mister Terrific can do, considering he was the one to uncover the truth and start the chain of events that led to Aleea’s parents either being at war or dead. She also tearfully asks him to take her on, as Aleea is the kind of person who could help Mister Terrific deal with his own lingering pain from the loss of his family. The issue ends with Aleea in fact becoming Mister Terrific’s ward, quizzing him as he trains and learning in the process.

It’s an intriguing way to end Strange Adventures — especially considering Strange Adventures has been hinted to be canon. It’s a dour demise for Adam Strange, but sets up Mister Terrific and Aleea in an interesting way as a new heroic partnership. Her place on Earth could set her up to transition to more of the young hero community, potentially teaming up the young woman with other heroic peers of her same age. It also presents the opportunity to present Mister Terrific in a new role — as a full-blown mentor of sorts to young Aleea, helping guide her to become as strong as her parents but perhaps with a bit more human empathy baked in. It’s a unique prospect, and if any element from Strange Adventures is further explored it’s definitely this one.

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