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Snyder & Capullo’s We Have Demons Gets Freaky in First-Arc Finale (Exclusive Preview)

We Have Demons #3 sees Lam and Gus confronting Cash Cullen — or rather, the profanity-spewing demonic corpse of the former pastor and demon slayer.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s We Have Demons #3 ups the emotional ante as series protagonist Lamassu “Lam” Cullen confronts a freakish, demonic version of her deceased father.

CBR can exclusively reveal a preview of Issue #3. Picking up where #2 left off, Lam and her partner in demon-slaying — the mustachioed horned giant named Gus — confront the corpse of Lam’s deceased father, Cash. Originally thought to be only a body, the corpse fully reveals itself as a demon in disguise and mercilessly taunts Lam, claiming she will only bring the remnants of the world’s demon-hunting forces — known as the Glories — to an untimely demise.

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We Have Demons #3 1
We Have Demons #3 2
We Have Demons #3 3
We Have Demons #3 4
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We Have Demons #3 6

We Have Demons, which also features inks by Jonathan Glapion, colors by Dave McCaig and letters by Tom Napolitano, is available through ComiXology Originals as one of several creator-owned projects orchestrated by Snyder. The series takes place in a world filled with two disparate materials that landed on Earth in prehistoric times, known colloquially as Horn and Halo. Horn brings out the darker parts of human nature, transforming people into demons. Halo, in contrast, is a malleable substance powered by the faith that humans possess, and Halo-infused weapons are particularly effective at striking down demonkind.

Lam’s father, Cash, allied with the other Glories in a never-ending mission to exterminate demons using the powers of Halo. Issue #1 of the series saw Lam discovering her family’s unique history and obtaining her own unique Halo weapon — a prosthetic arm with a blade hidden within. Issue #2 dove into the unique partnership between Cash and his half-demon partner Gus, who has since become a mentor of sorts to Lam. The third issue of the series will see Lam and Gus confront both their inner demons as well as a host of violent, disgusting foes as they race to the location of a Halo asteroid.

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In an interview with CBR, Snyder said the book’s spiritual concepts were inspired by his work on Dark Knights: Metal and Dark Knights: Death Metal, calling the overarching story one “that [he] and Greg have been thinking about for years.”

“We put a lot of work into it, and it’s an intimate and robust book, but it also has all the Spawn, Batman, Heavy Metal craziness that you expect from us and us working at our peak, I hope,” Snyder said.

We Have Demons #3 releases on comiXology Unlimited on Jan. 18. Physical editions of We Have Demons will be published by Dark Horse Comics, with bonus material and variant covers by a variety of major comic artists, including Jock, Francis Manapul and Francesco Francavilla. Issue #1 releases on March 23, Issue #2 on April 20 and Issue #3 on May 18.

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Source: ComiXology

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