Seven Seas Licenses Wait For Me Yesterday Novel, His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper, Colorless Manga – News

Books launch in May 2022

Seven Seas announced on Wednesday that it has licensed the Wait For Me Yesterday light novel and the His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper and COLORLESS manga.

Seven Seas will release Mokumei Hachi and Kukka’s Wait For Me Yesterday (Kinō no Haru de, Kimi o Matsu) light novel in a single large-trim edition in May 2022.

The company describes the light novel:

After disturbing experiences in the city, seventeen-year-old Kanae flees back to his childhood home on a remote island. Once there, he reunites with his old friend and first love, Akari. But suddenly, Kanae finds himself propelled four days into the future. Akari’s older brother is now dead and Kanae has no memory of what happened in the intervening four days. Can Kanae travel back in time to prevent the death of Akari’s brother?

The light novel shipped in Japan in April 2020.

Seven Seas will release the first volume of Saiko Wadori and Mika Kajiyama‘s His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper (Maо̄ Heika No Osо̄ji-gakari) manga physically and digitally in May 2022.

The company describes the story:

Sakura loves when everything is neat, clean, and in its place. She’s on the school Beautification Committee and spends every spare moment mopping or dusting to keep things tidy and perfect. When Sakura is transported to a fantasy world, she’s immediately flabbergasted by how dirty everything is! The land is under a curse which prohibits cleaning magic, and the residents have really let things go. Even the demon king’s castle is a complete mess. Sakura isn’t going to stand for it. She’ll put this kingdom in order, even if it means working directly with the intimidatingly attractive demon king himself!

Wadori and Kajiyama debuted the manga in Akita Shoten‘s Monthly Princess magazine in February 2019. The manga’s fifth compiled book volume shipped on June 16, and the sixth volume will ship on December 16.

Seven Seas will release the first volume of Kent’s COLORLESS manga physically and digitally in May 2022.

Seven Seas describes the story:

A cosmic disaster changed the Earth forever, stripping away every last drop of color from the world. Mankind also changed: the familiar human face is almost forgotten in a world now populated wholly by mutants. Against the backdrop of a moody urban landscape, a lone wolf investigator named Avidia relies on both his wits and extraordinary gun to hunt down the world’s last hidden scraps of color. He soon crosses paths with a very special girl–one who just might hold the key to bringing back what the world has lost.

Kent launched the manga in January 2019 on LEED Publishing‘s Comic Border website. The manga’s fifth compiled book volume shipped in Japan on July 20.

Sources: Press releases, Seven Seas‘ Twitter account

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