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Saturday Morning All Star Hits’ Trailer Is Basically an ’80s-Fueled Fever Dream

A new trailer for Saturday Morning All Star Hits! from Netflix and Kyle Mooney highlights the wacky world of ’80s and ’90s kids’ TV programming.

Saturday Night Live alum Kyle Mooney is moving to the daytime hours with his new Netflix hybrid live-action and adult animated series Saturday Morning All Star Hits!.

A teaser trailer just dropped, and it is one breakneck affair. It first introduces two of the many roles Mooney will play on the series, blonde twin brothers Skip and Treybor. They announce they’re the “new” hosts of the show and then the trailer launches into a rapid-fire succession of very ’80s and ’90s-themed clips. There’s an animated dinosaur that looks very similar to Denver, the Last Dinosaur and an ad for a Mega Mitten from Nextronico — clearly a riff on Nintendo’s Power Glove. After more quick clips from almost familiar animated and live-action shows, a new report breaks in detailing two missing actors from the show’s universe. Mooney appears often throughout in many roles, including “bad boy heartthrob” Johnny Rash, who is connected to one of the missing stars.

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The second half of the trailer continues with a darker tone, with the same animated dinosaur from earlier stepping onto railroad tracks as a train barrels toward it and some signs of tension between the twin brothers arising. Another quick montage of animated clips, mostly featuring sports-themed action and characters, rounds out the trailer. Finally, Mooney appears again, this time as a voice-over actor with very ’80s hair and mustache, and promises, “It all gets weirder from here, folks.”

An SNL cast member since 2013, Mooney has showcased his talent there for playing multiple roles. Along with his own creations, he has played tech celebrities like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs as well as famous ’80s and ’90s icons like Axel Rose and Joey Lawrence. His film appearances include Zoolander 2 and voiceover work as Michaelangelo in the 2019 animated crossover Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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For this new series, Mooney is working with Lorne Michaels, the longtime producer of SNL, and Bento Box Entertainment’s Ben Jones. Bento Box is responsible for such animated hits as Bob’s Burgers and Central Park, while Michaels has aided dozens of other SNL actors with film and television projects over the years. Other cast members with current projects include Aidy Bryant’s Shrill on Hulu, Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin in Peacock’s Joe Exotic series, and Schmigadoon! over on Apple TV starring Cecily Strong.

Billed as a “wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing” celebration of “all that is ’80s and ’90s television,” all eight episodes of the streaming series will be available Friday, Dec. 10, on Netflix.

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