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Rick and Morty Presents Snuffles Goes to War Is Perfect for Fans Reeling From Season 5 Finale

Chris Daniels and Devaun Dowdy’s Rick and Morty Presents Snuffles Goes to War #1 catches up with Morty’s old dog Snuffles on his planet Dogg-One.

Last month’s Rick and Morty Season 5 finale left fans wanting more. The Adult Swim show has garnered a die-hard fanbase over the years, who are already eagerly awaiting new episodes of the show. Luckily, Oni Press is ready to provide more funny, sci-fi stories starring the titular duo and some of their old friends. Author Chris Daniels and artist Devaun Dowdy’s new one-off comic Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes To War #1 checks back in with the Smith family’s old dog, Snuffles, in a story that will entertain and surprise fans.

Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes to War #1 follows Morty’s dog who Rick made super-intelligent in Season 1’s “Lawnmower Dog” episode. The comic follows Snuffles and several superintelligent dogs who’ve made new lives for themselves on planet Dogg-One. Snuffles, now known as Snowball, is the leader of the pack and has built a utopian society for his canine comrades. When squirrels try to assassinate Snowball by bombing a movie theater, the dogs prepare for war, and Rick and Morty watch the tragic events on their television.

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Chris Daniels masterfully translates the tone and, more importantly, the humor of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s iconic show. Rick and Morty are as funny and acerbic as always, and their commentary on the war between dogs vs. squirrels perfectly frames the narrative. Daniels gives readers a glimpse into the society of Dogg-One that works as a great reminder of just how long it has been since the dogs left Earth. While much of this issue boils down to an extension of the show, Daniels does include some new ideas. The militant nature of squirrels is particularly surprising and entertaining.

Devaun Dowdy’s art is fun and appropriately cartoony. All of the character designs are faithful to the source material. Dowdy doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, but his work serves the story excellently. Also, Dowdy’s page layouts help dictate the pace of the work and the timing of the jokes. He designed the dogs and the squirrels to be adorable, which makes the scenes of the animals going to war with one another particularly odd and funny. The creatures are even cute when they’re killing each other. Colorist Leonardo Ito is as faithful to the style of the show as Dowdy is. Ito’s choices underscore the ways in which this story feels like a natural extension of the original universe.

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Rick and Morty Presents: Snuffles Goes to War #1 is a fun, well-drawn story that has all the charm of the source material, even if it isn’t quite as inventive. Daniels and Dowdy revisit a lovable character from Rick and Morty’s early days, but rather than cashing in on nostalgia, they work to flesh out Snuffles’ world while adding a new chapter to the dog’s fantastic story. This is an entertaining comic that helps push the franchise even further.

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