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PREVIEW: Campisi: The Dragon Incident #3

AfterShock Comics presents an exclusive preview of Campisi: The Dragon Incident #3, by James Patrick and Marco Locati.

CAMPISI: THE DRAGON INCIDENT #3 / $4.99 / 32 pages / Color / On sale 10.27.21

Writer: James Patrick

Artist & Colorist: Marco Locati

Letterer: Rachel Deering

Cover: Fran Galán

Sonny Campisi is learning that dragons are a pain in the keister. You can’t fool them, you can’t bribe them, and you can’t kick their teeth in. On top of that, he has to stop some of the neighborhood idiots from trying to take care of the problem themselves with their beer muscles. And then Sonny’s mob boss, Mr. Rossi, is growing very impatient with this dragon situation and is about to make a very poor decision. And if Sonny can’t manage every single problem, the neighborhood he grew up in will be burned to the ground.

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