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One Piece: The Series’ 10 Worst Villains, Ranked

The One Piece universe has many formidable villains to challenge Luffy and his friends. From the clandestine Rob Lucci to the notorious Kaido, adversity takes a number of creative and unpredictable faces.

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However, some villains are so underwhelming, weak, creepy, or any combination of the three that they rank among the worst in the anime. Luckily, the Straw Hats have made the Grand Line a better place by taking them down (and out of the story) as quickly as possible.

10 Buggy Is A Recurring Bad Joke

Buggy As One Of The Seven Warlords

Buggy the Clown is the first enemy devil fruit user Luffy encountered on his journey in the East Blue. His ability to undo and reassemble his body resembles a weaker version of the Gum-Gum fruit but isn’t half as effective.

What makes Buggy particularly grating isn’t merely his undeserved god complex; it’s the fact that he’s begun to believe his own lies. After a few strokes of blind luck at Marineford, he somehow became one of the Seven Warlords.

9 Foxy Could Have Been Avoided Completely If Luffy Were Smarter

Captain Foxy, One Piece

Foxy was the leader of a massive crew. However, unlike most pirates, he was only interested in poaching members from other ships in a series of elaborate games. If Luffy simply refused to accept his challenge of a Davy Back Fight, the Long Island arc could have been avoided completely.

To his credit, Foxy isn’t completely worthless. He made Luffy bleed profusely with his Slow-Slow beams and is a master at underhanded tricks. However, he isn’t ambitious enough to pose a serious threat, especially since he can get shut down with mean words.

8 Caesar Clown Became A Groveling Wimp After Punk Hazard

Caesar Clown First Appearance

At first, Caesar Clown seemed formidable. His devil fruit could snuff the oxygen in his immediate radius, and he helped Doflamingo empower Kaido’s Beast pirates.

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However, Luffy completely dominated him in one of the series’ most one-sided final fights yet when they actually faced off. Caesar became a whimpering coward ever since, often groveling for the Straw Hats to protect him from Big Mom and her forces. Considering that he performed scientific experiments on children, he didn’t deserve the mercy Luffy showed to him.

7 Galdino Was Underwhelming For A Main Antagonist

Galdino - One Piece

Otherwise known as Mr. Three, Galdino was the main antagonist of the Little Garden arc. His devil fruit could produce enough wax to subdue two giants worth a hundred million berries apiece.

Despite having captured Zoro, Galdino accomplished precious little with the time he was given to make an impression. When he next appeared in Alabasta, the Straw Hats coerced him into saving their lives. He has been their unwilling accomplice ever since, which demonstrates how underwhelming he actually is.

6 Vander Decken Was Extremely Creepy & Not Particularly Tough

Vander Decken was a pirate aligned with Hody Jones. His only ambition was to pursue the love of Shirahoshi, which was especially creepy when considering she was a child at the beginning of his obsession.

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To his credit, Decken played an important role in shaping Shirahoshi’s character and why she needed Luffy’s help. However, he was shallow, unintelligent, repulsive, and betrayed by his own comrade the second it became convenient. Since he did not take an energy steroid like the other fish-men, his age wasn’t accelerated at the time of his defeat. As a result, it is possible for him to return as a recurring antagonist.

5 Wanze Was Goofy, Weak, & Didn’t Fit The Tone Of The Enies Lobby Arc

Wanze was CP9’s chef and one of the first opponents Sanji faced in the Enies Lobby arc. He had the ability to produce noodles from his nose in such quantities that he could make a massive golem out of them.

Despite his incredible speed, Wanze was defeated in the same kitchen he first appeared and failed to make an impact since. The only thing he could be remembered for is being one of the only villains to make Sanji use weapons.

4 Fullbody Tried & Failed To Make A Comeback After Getting Humiliated By Sanji

Fullbody first debuted as an arrogant customer in Sanji’s Baratie. Despite being a marine, he was easily disposed of and thrown out for bad behavior. Ever since, he has vowed revenge against the Straw Hat crew and their chef in particular.

Alongside Jango, he has undergone a significant physical transformation to make his retribution happen. However, nothing has yet to come of it, and as a result, it isn’t easy to take his character seriously. Without any devil fruit, formidable Haki, or prominence in the World Government, Fullbody won’t be a threat any time soon.

3 Baby Five Was Too Nice To Be Evil

Baby Five was a member of the Donquixote Family. She first debuted in the middle of Doflamingo’s transponder snail call and actively tried to kill him while he shrugged her off. This signified she wouldn’t be a credible threat since the beginning.

Her credibility was tarnished even more through her repeated obsession with being needed by others. It became so severe that she misinterpreted an enemy saying they needed her and ended up joining the Straw Hat Grand Fleet on an erroneous assumption. In the end, Baby Five probably wouldn’t have ever been evil if someone other than Doflamingo had found her first.

2 Pearl Was The Most Forgettable Member Of The Krieg Pirates

Pearl was a member of the Krieg pirates and one of the most active villains in the assault on the Baratie. However, there were dozens of factors that made him forgettable and underwhelming.

For one thing, his appearance was absurd and impractical. Pearl also lacked Gin’s emotional depth and was even defeated by him after refusing to back down from conquering the restaurant. Don Krieg would need a substantial power-up in order to become a relevant foe again, and Pearl’s odds of reappearing are virtually non-existent.

1 Gedatsu Sometimes Blinded Himself When He Got Angry

In the series, it’s not uncommon for villains to have peculiarities like iconic laughs or gestures. However, Gedatsu’s is so extreme that it renders him virtually incapable of fighting.

Whenever he is severely angered, he rolls his eyes so far back that he can’t see. Chopper had to remind him of what he was doing in order for them to have a proper battle. Considering his profound incompetence, it’s a miracle Eneru ever found him worthy of being a high priest.

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