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One Piece: 10 Perks Of Being One Of The Four Emperors

The Four Emperors of the Sea, also known as the Yonko, are the four strongest pirates in the world of One Piece. In a sea of pirates, these four stand out the most and are described to be monstrously powerful by the likes of Garp.

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The Four Emperors rule the New World, where the true supremacy for power lies in the One Piece world. Currently, the Four Emperors consist of Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, and the man who has replaced Whitebeard after his death during the Paramount War, Blackbeard. While becoming one of the Four Emperors isn’t easy, the perks this title offers are pretty great.

10 The Four Emperors Can Rule The New World Like Kings

the four yonko of one piece

The New World is the strongest of all the seas in the One Piece world, and they’re ruled by none other than the Four Emperors. Despite other forces, such as the Worst Generation or the Marines being active there, nobody has a hold on the sea as great as the Four Emperors. Under Sakazuki, however, the Four Emperors are certainly being challenged by the new Navy.

9 The Four Emperors Are The Strongest People On The Seas

A scarred Shanks, wearing a black coat, smirks confidently

Becoming one of the Four Emperors of the Sea means that an individual has conquered nearly everything in the One Piece world. This title isn’t easy to attain, and it certainly isn’t easy to hold. To do that, the Four Emperors need to be the strongest of all people. In fact, Whitebeard was known to be the strongest man in the world. Meanwhile, Kaido is the strongest creature in the entire world, and Big Mom is said to be the world’s strongest old woman and is known to be every bit as fearsome as Kaido.

8 The Marines Are Afraid Of The Four Emperors Of The Sea

one piece marines

The Marines are the military face of the World Government, and it is their responsibility to stop the pirates from committing any sort of crime. While the Navy does actively help against the pirates, when it comes to the Yonko, they can’t do much. Stepping into the territory of one of the Four Emperors would mean all-out war, which is a risk the Navy will only take when they’re sure they’ll win. In general, they’re too cautious and fear the mighty strength of the Yonko.

7 The Four Emperors Have Countless Territories Under Them

In the world of One Piece, countries may be governed by their own rulers, but they’re backed by either the Navy or the Four Emperors. Most of the rich countries are allied with the World Government.

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By paying the Heavenly Tribute, they gain the protection of the organization. However, numerous poor ones can’t afford the tribute. Instead, these countries take protection under the flag of the Four Emperors instead.

6 The Four Emperors Have Countless Allies In The New World

Big Mom In Totto Land

Being the greatest known power in the New World, it is no surprise that the Four Emperors have many allies. Most people join up with them after being impressed with their skill, such as the many allies of Kaido. Others seek protection from other pirates and slavers and use the flag of these four pirates to gain that sense of security. Either way, the Four Emperors gain strong pirates they can rely on.

5 The Four Emperors Have Access To Inside Information

Big Mom from One Piece

Being a member of the Four Emperors isn’t all about strength. There’s more to piracy than just fighting each other, and these four pirates make full use of the other powers. The Four Emperors have access to special information that usually doesn’t break in public. For instance, Big Mom knew about where each other member of the Straw Hat Pirates spent their two-year timeskip, despite the Marines not having a clue. At the same time, she also knew how to enter Wano despite never having been there. It is believed that her information-gathering is unmatched.

4 The Four Emperors Have Connections In The Underworld

Kaido from One Piece

As members of the Four Emperors, it is necessary for them to have connections in the Underworld. By keeping tabs open, the Four Emperors find out exactly what their enemies are up to.

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They get their hands on state-of-the-art weapons, such as Kaido acquiring the Koro Gas. Big Mom, on the other hand, invited many people associated with the Underworld to her Tea Party, meaning she has connections to them as well.

3 The Four Emperors Crush The New Rookies To Get Them To Join Their Crew

The Worst Generation entered the New World after the events of the Paramount War with the aim of taking the age by storm. Some of them wanted to take the Yonko down while others had different ideas. Regardless, there are only two ways of survival in the New World. They have to either fight the Four Emperors or submit to them. The Four Emperors love crushing new rookies and adding them to their forces instead.

2 The Four Emperors Have Overpowered Crews

As the strongest of pirates, the Four Emperors of the Sea inevitably attract other strong people as well. Those who see a glimpse of their power end up joining their crew. Kaido, in particular, has access to the services of many rookies by showing them just how strong he is . Kaido’s entire crew follows him just because he’s powerful, and they respect him for it. Big Mom has also gained a very overpowered crew, while the likes of Shanks and Blackbeard can’t be underestimated.

1 The Four Emperors Have Access To Strong Devil Fruits

Blackbeard Two Fruits

The Four Emperors have incredible power up their sleeve, and this extends beyond combat. They have a great influence in the world and can secure great things, such as certain Devil Fruits at will. Shanks attacked a World Government ship to steal the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Meanwhile, Kaido somehow acquired the Okuchi no Makami Mythical Zoan fruit to give to someone who would guard Wano in his stead.

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