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No Time to Die Is This James Bond’s Most Expensive Mission Yet

A tally of Bond’s in-movie expenses reveals that Daniel Craig’s most recent outing as the globetrotting secret agent was also his most costly.

Not counting destruction of property, Daniel Craig’s James Bond racked up quite the tab during his latest globetrotting mission in No Time To Die. In fact, Craig’s most recent on-screen appearance as the iconic secret agent has turned out to be his most expensive yet.

Accounting for business costs such as hotels, flights and drinks, a total of $10,896 was spent by Craig’s Bond in No Time To Die, according to calculations performed by TravelPerk, who added up the costs of Bond’s various fictional adventures. The majority of Bond’s expenses were attributed to airfare, as the film sees Bond in a franchise record of six different locations around the world, including Italy, Jamaica, Cuba, the United Kingdom, Norway and an island between Japan and Russia. Another notable expense was the bottle of Château Angélus, Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A Wine Bond shared with Q — a drink which came in at a whopping $2,103.

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Bond is no stranger to spending British taxpayers’ money, however. Throughout the 25-film series so far, Bond’s total travel expenses come in at $183,445, with Craig’s version of the character spending an average of $7257 per each of his five appearances. Across the franchise as a whole, though, $6900 was spent by the character’s many incarnations on in-flight alcohol alone. A total of $9133 has been spent in total on alcohol throughout the series, with a $5924 bottle of 1947 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine purchased in Goldfinger being Bond’s most expensive drink. Still, that hasn’t stopped Craig from calling Bond’s considerable alcohol consumption a “running gag.”

Craig’s Bond now ranks as the third most expensive 007, spending a total of $43,387 over the course of five movies, which averages out to $8682 spent by the agent per movie. Above him is Roger Moore’s Bond who spent $58,461 at a seven-film average of $9,744, despite the character losing his ability to claim expenses when his license to kill was revoked in The Man with the Golden Gun. Meanwhile, Sean Connery’s Bond tops the list at a $60,945 total with a $10,158 average over six films. Connery’s most expensive purchase was the ticket on the Orient Express, which he took on an attempted journey from Istanbul to Venice in From Russia With Love. Moore, however, holds the record for most spent on travel, spending $20,598 on airfare in Moonraker alone.

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Below Craig on the list of most expensive Bonds is Pierce Brosnan, who accrued $18,670 total over four films at a $4667 average. George Lazenby, who appeared as the character only once, spent a total of $1,474 in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Timothy Dalton ranks as the cheapest Bond, spending only $809 on hotels and travel across two movies, including Licence to Kill, where he had his license revoked.

With No Time To Die’s recent premiere, Craig’s 007 gives up the MI6 company credit card as his tenure 15-year tenure as the iconic secret agent comes to an end. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga commented on the idea of rebooting 007, saying, “I still have a pitch I would do if I had to reboot it, which I’ll keep for myself for right now.” If No Time To Die‘s record-breaking opening night is any indication, fans shouldn’t expect Bond to remain gone for long.

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Source: TravelPerk

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