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NCIS Actually Answered the Gibbs’ Boat Question

Before Gibbs could be written off, NCIS had to address the burning question about how he’s gotten boats out of his basement.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NCIS Season 19, Episode 4, “The Great Wide Open,” which aired Monday October 11th on CBS.

NCIS announced well before Season 19 that Gibbs would only be in a few episodes of the new season, and sure enough, it only took four episodes to write off Mark Harmon’s character. In “The Great Wide Open,” Gibbs and McGee wrapped up the serial killer plotline with a trip to Alaska to catch their suspect. However, when they were done, Gibbs decided that he was going to stay in Alaska because of the sense of peace that he felt.

That notwithstanding, NCIS had one final piece of business to wrap up before Gibbs could be finished for good. During the episode, NCIS finally solved the mystery of how Gibbs got the finished boat out of his basement.

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Gibbs has always had the hobby of building boats in his basement — something that has always seemed like an odd hobby because it posed the rather obvious question of how in the world he gets boats out. The situation seemed like an unanswerable dilemma for so long that NCIS practically made a running gag out of it. Various characters would puzzle over how Gibbs got his boats out, but asking him was always taboo, seemingly because NCIS planned to never answer the ridiculous question.

However, the answer to that question was one thing fans jokingly wanted before Gibbs left, and lo and behold, NCIS came through in “The Great Wide Open.” In the episode’s opening sequence, FBI Agent Parker went to Gibbs’ house to serve a warrant for his arrest. He didn’t find Gibbs there, but he did find a giant hole in the basement wall.

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NCIS hole in Gibbs basement

Later in the episode, the writers kind of made fun of the hilarious fan theories that have been cooked up over the years. While Torres was taking Gibbs to the airport, he told Gibbs that he always knew he could get the boat out. During the conversation, Gibbs was rather amused when Torres told him some of the outlandish theories that people had proposed – things like movable walls, pulley systems and coal tunnels. Gibbs thought it would obvious he was going to get it out by making a hole. It may be a simple answer to a big question, but ultimately, it’s perfectly in-line with Gibbs’ character — straightforward and no nonsense.

With the boat mystery solved in a surprisingly basic way, NCIS now has a new dilemma to answer. Simply put, it’s whether the show can survive without its boat-making, bourbon-drinking protagonist.

To see out how McGee and his NCIS team moves on without Gibbs, watch CBS’ NCIS on Monday nights at 9 pm. ET.

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