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Mike Baron’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ Pushes Back Against Leftist Propaganda


Police 1 has an article covering Mike Baron’s new graphic novel Thin Blue Line, which describes the story as follows:


“Thin Blue Line” tells the story of two cops who are assigned to guard the mayor as civil unrest breaks out after a police shooting. […]

The novel’s illustrator, Joseph Arnold, is a full-time police officer who says he was excited to join the project.

“I was eager to show another side of policing,” Arnold said in a statement. “The story emphasizes family, interpersonal dynamics and shows police officers from many different backgrounds. I hope it has a positive impact on policing. I’ve put my heart into every page.”



Two months earlier, as noted by Newswires:


Thin Blue Line’s central character is a single mom named Valeria Baca, a patrol officer who serves her community while raising a daughter. That proves difficult when she’s confronted with an ethics-challenged officer amidst unrest and violent protests taking over the streets in response to a police shooting.

“I rip my stories straight from the headlines,” Mike continues. “Last summer’s riots and demonstrations made me think about law enforcement in a whole new way, particularly cops who genuinely care.”


And on FOX News this past weekend:



The book is intended to be a response to the Antifa/BLM riots from nearly two years ago, which cost millions in damages for every leftist-run city where they took place, and caused deaths galore in their wake.


Let’s be clear. With all the rancid leftist propaganda that’s been dominating much of the entertainment industry for years already, that’s why a proper response from a right-leaning viewpoint is necessary. Why, it’s also necessary to confront Islamic jihadism in very much the same way, which is why I’d appreciate if somebody with the right skills would develop similar graphic novels focused specially on the subject, and address issues like the Charlie Hebdo massacre to boot. Another subject that, much like the issue in the Thin Blue Line, many USA publishers refuse to associate with nowadays.



I highly congratulate Baron for tackling the issue regarding the riots of the past two years. And I hope there’ll be some experts out there who’ll also craft some graphic novels drawing from the topics I’ve cited above as well, because those issues are equally serious ones that need focus in the medium.



The book is still available for pre-order here and here. It’s currently the top most funded live campaign for graphic novels over on Kickstarter, but somehow wasn’t chosen as one of their “Projects We Love”…


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