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MCU: 10 Of Doctor Strange’s Best Spells

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He operates from the New York Sanctum, although he is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme due to the time he was away. His extensive training and photographic memory allowed him to gain mastery over the mystic arts relatively quickly, impressing even the Ancient One, who noted that he was always meant to be the best of them.

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Doctor Strange has shown off a great number of spells throughout the years, which have been useful both in and out of battle. He never fails to bring something new to the big screen, impressing audiences and other characters alike.

10 Portal Creation: Allows Him To Travel Great Distances

Strange stands in front of a portal

The ability to create a portal using a Sling Ring makes traveling incredibly efficient. In a matter of seconds, Doctor Strange was able to transport himself and others from Titan to Earth with this spell. The ring’s purpose is to allow the user to travel throughout the Multiverse, which indicates that he can travel to the other branches of various timelines. This spell has notably been used to make Loki fall for 30 minutes straight. Additionally, it is capable of slicing through enemies that have not fully exited the portal, which is what happened to Cull Obsidian.

9 Traveling To The Past Or Future: He Can Alter Events In Time

Strange looks into the future

When the Time Stone was in Doctor Strange’s possession, it allowed him to manipulate time in a variety of ways. He could undo specific events, as seen when he tested the stone’s power on an apple. In Avengers: Infinity War, the stone’s power proved to be invaluable to half of all life in the universe. Doctor Strange was able to send himself into the future to observe multiple outcomes. However, he was only able to find a single positive outcome, thus allowing him to guide the other Avengers, particularly Tony Stark, in the right direction.

8 Creating A Time Loop: He Could Trap Someone In A Single Moment In Time

Dormammu glares at Strange

This is another ability that Doctor Strange was able to use while in possession of the Time Stone. He was able to trap a being as powerful as Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, in a moment in time. Dormammu’s power vastly outstripped Doctor Strange’s, as he could quickly kill him.

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Each time he killed the sorcerer, the loop would reset. No matter how many times he killed Strange, Strange would always come back to ask for a bargain. The entity realized that he was at his mercy, and begged Strange to free him. His eagerness to agree to Strange’s terms led to the sorcerer successfully saving Earth.

7 Matter Manipulation: He Can Change The State Of An Object

Strange uses the time stone

Strange is capable of manipulating matter. He was able to transform a cup of tea into a mug and even refill Thor’s beer with seemingly little effort. This, combined with his unpleasant habit of transporting the God of Thunder from place to place with no prior warning, left the Asgardian stunned. Although Thor is used to illusory magic thanks to his mother and his brother Loki, he seemed stunned by Strange’s magic. Strange has also used this magic to change his clothes when Banner crashed into his sanctum, and even transformed one of Thanos’ attacks into butterflies.

6 Going Into The Mirror Dimension: He Can Force Others Into A Separate Dimension

Mirror Dimension In Doctor Strange

The Mirror Dimension is another dimension that reflects the one that most people exist in. However, sorcerers like Strange can enter it in order to train or fight enemies. Events in the mirror dimension do not affect things outside of that dimension. He can use his magic to warp space and can use the dimension itself as a shield or a weapon. He has even hurled a fragment of said dimension into Thanos. Without a sling ring, the dimension also serves as a prison, which even Strange himself was trapped within for a period of time.

5 Wind Manipulation: The Winds Can Be Used To Clear The Air Or Even Hold Back Large Bodies Of Water

Thanos' children arrive on Earth

After Thanos’ children, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian first arrived on Earth in their ship, there was a massive amount of smoke and debris in the air. In order to clear the air and restore his vision, Doctor Strange used a wind spell. He also used the spell in the final battle against Thanos.

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The rocks holding in the lake’s water cracked, and he used the wind to create a cyclone of water, keeping it all from spilling into the battlefield. He was able to do this on his own and simultaneously defend himself on such a chaotic battlefield.

4 Warding Spell: It Made It Impossible For Thanos’ Children To Steal The Time Stone

Ebony Maw tries to take the time stone

This spell is described by Strange as “simple but quite unbreakable.” Thanks to this spell, which he had the foresight to cast on the stone beforehand, Ebony Maw was unable to snatch it from him despite having the sorcerer pinned. Touching the object seared his hand and caused him to recoil in pain. There was no way for him to do anything about the spell without the assistance of specialized tools. Regardless, the spell protected the stone even when Ebony Maw subjected a captive Doctor Strange to his microsurgery equipment.

3 Earth Tendril Spell: Enemies Are Dragged Below Ground

Strange's tendril spell

Strange has a spell that begins by opening great chasms in the ground. Out of these chasms rise purple tendrils of light, which slowly raise enemies into the air before dragging them beneath the Earth. The chasms close immediately afterward, making enemies experience a rather gruesome end. This is one of Doctor Strange’s most terrifying spells that most enemies wouldn’t be able to see coming. He reserved this spell for the final battle against Thanos’ army, as the Mad Titan left little room for peace or negotiations.

2 Duplication Spell: He Can Create Copies Of Himself

Strange restrains Thanos

During the battle against Thanos on Titan, Doctor Strange was able to showcase a wide variety of spells. One such spell allows him to duplicate himself. Splitting into a large number of clones, it is difficult to discern which one is the original. Every clone was capable of casting a spell, using magical tendrils to bind Thanos. In order to reveal the true Strange, Thanos was forced to use the Power Stone in order to dispel the clones. Without an ability that has an area of effect damage, enemies would be hard-pressed to counter this spell.

1 Memory Erasure: He Can Make People Forget Something

Doctor Strange is capable of making the entire planet forget a detail, or even forget an entire person’s existence. If it wasn’t for Peter’s constant interruptions and tampering with the spell, he would have been able to seamlessly make the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. He compares this process to brainwashing, which reveals just how serious and powerful this spell can be. At the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, he was able to make everyone forget that Peter Parker even existed. The spell was so effective that Peter’s friends didn’t recognize him, and he needed to find another way to get his high school degree.

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