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Marvel’s Wildest Wolverine Proved How Dangerous Logan Really Is

The version of Wolverine that showed up in the Mutant X series unveiled the deadliest version of one of the X-Men’s most dangerous mutants.

The Marvel multiverse is known for presenting new and different versions of Marvel’s greatest heroes. This includes seeing all the dark paths the heroes could have taken, as well as the twisted fates that befell them in various realities. One of the most common characters to be depicted is Wolverine, who has a plethora of heroic (and horrifying) endings across the multiverse.

One of the most surprising variants of Wolverine was the one who appeared in the Mutant X series. Taking place on the dark world of Earth-1298, this version of Logan was separated from his family and broken by Weapon X. While he may have ultimately gained a happy ending, this Wolverine proves how dangerous an unleashed Logan can be.

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On Earth-1298, like many others, Wolverine was captured by Weapon X and made the subject of inhumane experimentation. But in this reality, Weapon X had additional ammo to hold over Logan. Having already married Mariko and fathered two children, the program had a means of coercion to convince Logan to comply with their work. As Logan was experimented on, his family was threatened, eventually leading to the mutant giving up and allowing the brainwashing to overtake him in exchange for their safety. Alongside Sabretooth and Wild Child, Logan was exposed to brutal conditioning that shattered his mind. The newly feral Logan broke free and murdered his handlers alongside Sabretooth and Wild Child. Escaping into the wilderness, Logan gave into his wild side and remained a feral killer.

He became the alpha of his group, which eventually became known as the Pack. They became fugitives from the Canadian authorities, until the Six inadvertently helped lead to their recapture. Brought back to the remnants of Weapon X, Logan’s mind was targeted once again. But this time, Logan regained control long enough to break free, kill his captors, and escape. Making his way back to his family, Logan was soon set upon by a reconditioned and murderous Sabretooth, but was able to escape and terminate the assassin with the help of Havok and Jean Grey. Unfortunately, they were soon drawn into a conflict between Weapon X and the Canadian government, as well as the American military and the Avengers. Logan came close to sacrificing himself in battle against Super-Soldiers barely escaping the ensuing chaos.

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Logan eventually got a happy ending, escaping the chaos of Mutant X’s finale with his family. But Wolverine’s fate carried a particularly tragic edge. Like in other variant realities, this version of Wolverine lost control of who he was, ultimately becoming more beast than man. Considering how regaining his humanity and controlling his instincts has always been a major factor for the character, seeing a wild Wolverine is always a tragedy. For an extended period of time in this world, Wolverine forsook his loved ones and became an animalistic killing machine. As the leader of the Pack, he reforged a bond with Sabretooth and likely killed scores of people who were unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Wolverine brutally cut his way through the Super-Soldiers, reminding both sides of how vicious he could be. Fortunately, Logan was able to regain control of himself and remained free of the control of Weapon X. The Mutant X variant of Wolverine eventually found love, but it came at the cost of turning his back on his allies and running away from a fight, leaving many of them to die. It’s another sign that Wolverine, regardless of the reality, seems incapable of getting everything he wants in any life.

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