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Marvel’s New Mutants Plays Host to an X-Men Game of Thrones

New Mutants #25 brings the title into Destiny of X as Vita Ayala and Rod Reis pit the young X-Men against the Goblin Queen for “The Labors of Magik.”

The New Mutants are about to encounter one of the X-Men’s most iconic villains.

Marvel has announced “The Labors of Magik” will unfold in April. Written by Vita Ayala and drawn by Rod Reis, the arc pits the young X-Men against the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor, who aims to conquer the demonic realm known as Limbo. The storyline begins in New Mutants #25, which will have a main cover by artist Leinil Francis Yu and variants by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Phil Jimenez, Dan Panosian and Philip Tan.

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Magik on the cover of New Mutants 25 by Leinil Francis Yu
Goblin Queen on the cover of New Mutants 25 by Stanley Artgerm Lau
Magik on the cover of New Mutants 25 by Phil Jimenez
Goblin Queen on the cover of New Mutants 25 by Dan Panosian
Goblin Queen and Magik on the cover of New Mutants 25 by Philip Tan

The New Mutants famously crossed paths with Madelyne Pryor in the ’80s crossover event “Inferno.” That storyline centered on demons from Limbo — a pastiche of Hell — coming to Earth at the behest of Madelyne Pryor, whom Mister Sinister had manipulated into becoming the Goblin Queen. Through the villains’ actions, the New Mutants were trapped in Limbo. With no other option available to her, Magik succumbed to the darkness within and became the demonic Darkchilde, giving her the power to bring the team back to Earth. Unfortunately, Magik lost control of her body by doing this, forcing her to manipulate her own timeline in a desperate attempt to reclaim her soul. Though she eventually regained control of her life and Limbo itself, it took years for Magik to recover from the trauma of “Inferno.”

The Goblin Queen’s war with the New Mutants comes in the wake of her recent rebirth. After being killed by Krakoa’s misfit mutants, Madelyne was brought back to life through the X-Men’s resurrection protocols in Hellions #18 by Zeb Wells, Zé Carlos, Stephen Segovia, Rain Beredo and Ariana Maher. When Havok welcomed her back, the process seemed to have cured Madelyne of her past trauma. However, when left alone, Madelyne revealed that she still harbors the Goblin Queen persona and has a plan of her own.

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Recently, the New Mutants fought against the Shadow King, a classic X-Men villain who can manipulate the minds of those around him. He killed Scout, a young trainee of the New Mutants, and coerced the team’s other students into fighting against their mentors. Though the group was eventually able to overcome the Shadow King’s scheme, the trails of the conflict left them weathered and weary — just in time for Madelyne’s return.

“The Labors of Magik” will bring New Mutants into “Destiny of X,” a new status quo encompassing the entire line of X-Men titles. The direction is designed with new fans in mind as Marvel’s many mutants pursuit their potential futures. Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck’s Immortal X-Men will be the first book published under “Destiny of X.” The series launches in March and centers around the Quiet Council, the governing body of Krakoa.

New Mutants #25 comes out on April 20.

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