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Lonely City Reveals a Batman Villain’s ‘Redemption’

An official preview for Catwoman: Lonely City #1 debuts a 55-year-old Selina Kyle — and suggests an iconic Batman foe has finally cleaned up his act.

DC Comics has released an official preview for the first issue of Catwoman: Lonely City, a four-part prestige plus series set to launch under the DC Black Label this Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Written and illustrated by Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls), Catwoman: Lonely City takes place 10 years after “Fools’ Night,” a massacre that left Batman, Nightwing, Commissioner Gordon and the Joker dead — and sent Selina Kyle/Catwoman to prison. Upon her release, Selina, now 55, learns that Gotham City has “grown up,” leaving “childish things” like costumed heroes and villains behind.

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In the 10 years since Fools’ Night, longtime Batman villain Harvey Dent/Two-Face evidently redeemed himself in Gotham’s eyes, and is now running for re-election as the city’s mayor. Speaking on Catwoman’s early release from prison in Lonely City #1, Dent states, “I’ve learned from my mistakes. And after almost 10 years, I hope Ms. Kyle has, too.”

However, DC explains that while Gotham is “cleaner” and “safer” under Mayor Dent, it’s also “a lot less free,” constantly under the watchful eye of the former Two-Face and his “Batcops.” Selina, meanwhile, has one last score in mind. And what she seeks isn’t money, but information — information that can apparently be found within the Batcave.

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Catwoman: Lonely City #1 features a main cover and a variant cover by Chiang. The 48-page comic also features a 1:25 variant illustrated by Jock.


  • Story by CLIFF CHIANG
  • Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
  • $6.99 US | 48 PAGES | 1 of 4
  • Prestige Plus | 8 1/2″ x 10 7/8″
  • Variant by CLIFF CHIANG
  • 1:25 variant by JOCK
  • 17+
  • ON SALE 10/19/21
  • Ten years ago, the massacre known as Fools’ Night claimed the lives of Batman, The Joker, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon…and sent Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, to prison. A decade later, Gotham has grown up—it’s put away costumed heroism and villainy as childish things. The new Gotham is cleaner, safer…and a lot less free, under the watchful eye of Mayor Harvey Dent and his Batcops. It’s into this new city that Selina Kyle returns, a changed woman…with her mind on that one last big score: the secrets hidden inside the Batcave! She doesn’t need the money—she just needs to know…who is “Orpheus”?
  • Visionary creator Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls) writes, draws, colors, and letters the story of a world without Batman, where one woman’s wounds threaten to tear apart an entire city! It’s an unmissable artistic statement that will change the way you see Gotham’s heroes and villains forever!

Written and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, Catwoman: Lonely City #1 goes on sale Oct. 19 from DC Comics.

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Source: DC Comics

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