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Last Ride Reveals Darkseid’s Apocalyptic Ultimate Plan

Darkseid’s plan comes together in Justice League: Last Ride — with his ultimate scheme bringing back a dead world and an unstoppable army.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League: Last Ride #6, now on sale

Justice League: Last Ride has been exploring the fate and fall of one reality’s DC Universe, ranging from the apparent demise of major figures to the end of landmark locations like Apokolips. But it turns out Apokolips and its master aren’t as dead as they appeared.

In Justice League: Last Ride #6, by Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonca, Enrica Eren Angiolini and Andworld Design, Darkseid just revealed that he’s been alive along with hiding within one of the major DC heroes — and his new plan might result in the destruction of an entire DC reality.

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Justice League Last Ride Green Lantern Darkseid

In Justice League: Last Ride, a variant of the titular team eventually encountered a major mission to Apokolips that pushed them to the very edge of their capabilities. Fighting against armies of Parademons and the forces of Darkseid, the villainous New God’s plan was seemingly stopped before he could carry out the destruction of Earth. Green Lantern seemingly overwhelmed and killed the monstrous villain, while Martian Manhunter’s sacrificed himself to allow the heroes to effectively kill the world. Now, sometime later, the League finds themselves tasked with returning to the world alongside a captured Lobo. They’ve already been fighting against enemies like Mongul and Brainiac, but there’s secretly another powerhouse villain who’s been manipulating events behind the scenes: Darkseid himself.

After discovering apparent clones of Darkseid to serve as his “backup plan” at the conclusion of the previous issue, Batman comes to the horrifying realization that Darkseid has been alive all along. Possessing Hal Jordan after his apparent death at the hands of the Lantern, Darkseid has been manipulating the League from the inside. Darkseid then uses the Green Lantern energy at his disposal to transfer his mind — and his power — into one of the duplicates of his body. This fully restores Darkseid and imbues him with the Green Lantern energy. Making matters worse, he soon unleashes that power into the heart of Apokolips, reigniting the world with green flames. With this power, he produces armies of construct Parademons, with the intention of wiping out all his greatest enemies in one fell swoop.

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Justice League Last Ride Apokolips

Superman luckily saves Batman and the newly depowered unpossessed Hal Jordan, and the League tries to figure out a new plan — including bribing Lobo to fight on their side. As the fight escalates and the League tries to go on the offensive against Darkseid, the New God seems to capture Wonder Woman and expose her to potentially his most powerful and personal construct: Martian Manhunter, in a brutal final page reveal. The upcoming seventh (and final) issue in the Justice League: Last Ride storyline promises to be an explosive finale, with the fate of an entire DC Universe riding on the Justice League and their battle against the Green Lantern-enhanced Darkseid. If the League can hold their own, they might be able to protect untold lives across the universe.

But if they — and the various alien forces that have also come to Apokolips either to kill Lobo or the League — can’t stop Darkseid, then the universe will be wide open for the New God to bring oblivion across the cosmos. It’s a terrifying turn, and a reminder of just how horrifying and powerful Darkseid can be. The core-DC Universe Darkseid has been manipulating events in Infinite Frontier to try and claim the untold power of the Great Darkness, and it seems that one of his alternate universe counterparts is trying to gain a similar kind of universal power edge — with this variant of the New God proving that the recent destruction of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery might have been a blessing in disguise if it kept that power away from Darkseid.

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