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Kirby’s 10 Best Copy Abilities, Ranked

With the release date of Kirby: The Forgotten Land officially announced by Nintendo, fans of the series have never been more eager to start playing the old Kirby games again in celebration of this new release. In the Kirby series, Kirby solves Dreamland’s problems with the help of his trusty Copy Abilities.

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Fans of the pink puffball often debate which Copy Ability in Kirby’s constantly growing arsenal is the best. Most players have different answers to that question as there’s an insanely large amount of power-ups to use. Each can suit a different playstyle, which is what makes this series so great.

10 Kirby’s Fighter Ability Packs A Punch

fighter for best kirby powerups

While this power-up isn’t seen as the absolute best, it is the most reliable one to get and is a fairly easy one to come by. Kirby will typically find this Copy Ability on a Knuckle Joe enemy.

Once Kirby gets this power he’ll be fighting on par with the likes of Ryu from Street Fighter, complete with a Shoryuken type of move. This ability is a great go-to for any newbies of the Kirby series that might not know how to use the more complex abilities.

9 Kirby’s Wheel Power Lets Him Move Through Areas Quicker

wheel for best kirby power ups

The wheel Copy Ability is one that plenty of the speedrunners of Kirby’s Adventure have grown to appreciate. With this power-up, Kirby can transform into a wheel and speed through an area, running down any enemy in his path with some obvious exceptions like boss enemies.

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This ability can get Kirby through just about any obstacle that might come up and can be used in quick succession. It can even help Kirby traverse over water and lava. If the use of the ability isn’t enough, it also gives Kirby a stylish hat to wear.

8 The Swordsmanship of the Sword Power-up has Bested Meta Knight Multiple Times

sword for best kirby power ups

One of the earliest Kirby abilities introduced is the Sword power-up. With this ability, Kirby can expertly use a sword to combat his enemies, and over the years, it’s grown into a very apparent Legend of Zelda reference.

The Sword ability is one of the more reliable ones to use for combat, even slightly more than the fighter’s ability. It has a little more range and versatility, with underwater usage being a factor. Sword-giving enemies are also fairly common throughout these games, and most players can depend on this power to get them out of most tense situations, even if it doesn’t hit the hardest.

7 With the Ninja Ability, Kirby Disappears Into The Shadows

ninja for best kirby power ups

This ability is one of the more difficult ones to come across, but if Kirby can get it, he becomes a skilled ninja, able to deal a steady amount of damage at a time. Most damage from this ability that can be dealt is from a range with all the shurikens and knives he can throw, but there are other moves this power-up is capable of.

This ability is where some of the more complex button inputs come in if the player wants Kirby to execute a wider selection of ninja-based attacks like a stealth slash or tossing down a smoke bomb. The Ninja’s power is great for any player wanting to mix up their play style and add some ninja flair to their run-through of the game.

6 The Hammer Ability Gives Dedede A Run For His Money

Hammer for best kirby power up

Many fans argue that the Hammer is one of Kirby’s strongest Copy Abilities. Players will only usually find this attached to the Bonkers sub-boss, but when they get it, they’re hesitant to let it go for a reason.

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The Hammer ability allows Kirby to swing a powerful hammer around that usually deals large amounts of damage to most enemies. There’s even a move Kirby can execute where he charges the hammer with flames and unleashes an even more powerful strike that’ll bring a boss’s health down fast.

5 Using the Spear’s Ability Gives Kirby A Taste Of What Bandanna Dee Is Capable Of

spear kirby for best kirby power ups

This Copy Ability is one of Kirby’s best as it lets him attack enemies from a decent range and even use it for short-distance hovering. The spear’s best attack is by far the triple throw, which does a lot of damage to enemies it hits.

This power can be found on the Pierce and Lanzer enemies and differs slightly between the games where it’s found. The moveset of this Copy Ability is an obvious reference to the bandanna-wearing waddle dee that fans love.

4 Kirby’s Smash Bros Moveset Is Just As Powerful In His Games As It Is Where It’s From

smash bros for best kirby power ups

Kirby’s moveset from the Super Smash Bros series is iconic for many reasons, and it warranted getting a Copy Ability of its own. What this ability has to offer is exactly what fans of Super Smash Bros would expect.

Kirby can use most of his attacks from that game, and they’re all fairly powerful in the games that players can find it in. The ability can only be found on the Master Hand mid-boss or through the use of the Super Smash Bros Kirby Amiibo in applicable games.

3 Archery Gives Kirby A Ranged Advantage

archer for best kirby power ups

The Archer Copy Ability first debuted in the 3DS’s Kirby: Triple Deluxe and is arguably one of the best abilities in that game. It not only allows Kirby to fight most of his enemies from a range, but it also grants invincibility.

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The way this invincibility is granted is with the makeshift cover Kirby can create with this ability, and all that needs to be done is pressing down to duck. With how powerful this ability is, it’s no surprise that this is a quick go-to ability for many new players that aren’t familiar with how to do the more complicated button inputs for these abilities.

2 Kirby Becomes A Master At Using The Yo-Yo With Its Copy Ability

yoyo for best kirby power up

This Copy Ability is one of two that reference the Earthbound series, and the other is the ESP power-up. What makes this ability so great is the range it gives to Kirby from enemies when in use, as it’s a fairly reliable source of damage, even when not using the more advanced yo-yo techniques. Those techniques in question not only show off Kirby’s skill with the yo-yo, but they deal extra damage.

This ability is regarded as an instant classic and got runner-up as best ability in a fan vote that was held in 2017.

1 The UFO Ability Was So Powerful It Had To Be Relegated To An Amiibo

ufo for best kirby power ups

Even more powerful than overpowered ranged attacks and skillful yo-yo strikes is being able to fly around and attack enemies with little consequence. Kirby’s UFO power-up allows him to freely fly around a level and shoot laser projectiles at enemies.

While he isn’t immune to damage while this ability is active, Kirby can still maneuver around to avoid anything that comes his way with relative ease. This ability was so powerful that it had to be locked behind an amiibo in Planet Robobot, although there is still a way to get this ability without the use of the corresponding amiibo.

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