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How Wolverine’s First and Most Powerful Evil Son Became a Marvel Multiverse Threat

Sabreclaw from the MC2 Universe actually predated Daken by years and set the standard for what it meant to be “Wolverine’s evil son.”

Due to the unique elements of the different worlds across the multiverse, there are plenty of heroes and villains who are unique to their own individual worlds. While unique variants may exist in some worlds, they can end up proving to be interesting precursors to future figures who take on more important roles in the Marvel Universe.

One notable example is the MC2 son of Wolverine, Sabreclaw — who shares a shocking amount in common with Daken from Earth-616. In fact, Sabreclaw predated by over five years and could almost be seen as a multiversal first draft of Daken.

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Hudson Logan — aka Sabreclaw — was a minor figure in the world of MC2, debuting in J2 #8 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Lim. In that reality, the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe had aged, with a new generation stepping up to fill the void. This includes children of classic heroes, like Spider-Girl and Wild Thing — the daughter of Spider-Man and Wolverine respectively. The son of Wolverine and an unrevealed woman, Rina Logan’s half-brother Hudson was a far more dangerous figure than his heroic sister. Having developed a vicious rivalry with Wild Thing, Sabreclaw proved to be a ferocious villain. He even ended up becoming enough of a threat to fight against A-Next — the Avengers of this timeline.

On top of Wolverine’s healing factor and endurance, Sabreclaw possessed a more feral body. He appeared more akin to Sabretooth than his birth father — who has often been hinted to have some relation to Logan. Sabreclaw even seemed to adopt Sabretooth’s identity. He found a way to augment his claws with adamantium sheathes, giving him a weapon capable of countering his sister’s unique psionic claws. Predating Daken by over half a decade, Sabreclaw actually shares a lot of similarities with the more well-known evil son of Wolverine. Both Daken and Sabreclaw began life as a villain, developing a deep rivalry with their “sibling” — Wild Thing in the MC2 Universe, and Laura/X-23 in the core-Marvel Universe of Earth-616.

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Both Sabreclaw and Daken turned against the heroic legacy of their father. Both also showed some affinity for Sabretooth, with Daken ending up under his wing for a time while Victor Creed clearly served as an inspiration for Sabreclaw. Like Daken, Sabreclaw would endanger the Avengers as part of a dangerous team of villains. While Daken was made one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Twins, Sabreclaw joined his world’s newest incarnation of the Revengers. Notably though, both characters seemed to want to earn their father’s love and respect. Logan and Daken spent years discovering the key to their relationship. Meanwhile, Sabreclaw was introduced attacking Wild Thing to prove he was the true heir to their father’s legacy.

Both characters also ended up taking a more heroic path in the long-run. Daken eventually made peace with his family and has become an anti-hero in the Krakoa era — even joining X-Factor before making the move to Marauders. Meanwhile, Sabreclaw fought against the heroes of his world for some time. But he ended up working alongside A-Next during the events of Last Planet Standing by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe. The series even ended with the implication that Sabretooth could eventually be redeemed. In many ways, Sabreclaw reads like the first draft of Daken’s eventual place in the Marvel Universe. In much the same way that Wild Thing makes for an interesting precursor to Laura, Sabreclaw is an obscure but interesting starting point for the kind of character Daken would eventually become.

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