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Whether you’re shopping for a holiday, a birthday, or another occasion, D&D Beyond is the perfect place to purchase a digital D&D gift for the Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life. D&D Beyond is an official toolset for playing the game. When you purchase a book or dice in the marketplace for yourself or as a gift, you’ll unlock new ways to play the game, from new adventures to additional character creation options, or something else.

If you’re looking for the perfect D&D gift, look no further than this buyer’s guide:

D&D gifts for players and Dungeon Masters

Take a look at the list below for a quick peek at some of the best D&D books to buy on D&D Beyond for your friends and family this year! This list has something for everyone, based on their D&D experience and what kind of stories they want to tell:

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

Strixhaven cover artRecommended for: Fans of Magic: The Gathering and magical school settings.

Releasing December 7, Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos takes players to the School of Mages, Strixhaven. There, they’ll learn about magic and its place in the multiverse while facing off against a mysterious magical threat.

For players, the book features the owlin, a race of owl-like folk, plus new spells, feats, and magic items that power up their characters. Dungeon Masters will discover over 40 new monsters to challenge their players with, as well as four adventures that can be woven together into a multi-year campaign that runs from 1st to 10th level.



Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything cover artRecommended for: Experienced players and Dungeon Masters

First released in November 2020, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything remains a treasure trove for both experienced players and Dungeon Masters. It includes the artificer class, over two dozen subclasses, as well as new spells and magic items like magical tattoos. The book also introduces optional rules for customizing racial traits, making it a great D&D gift for anyone looking to expand their character creation options.

Dungeon Masters will find new tools for running their game. It includes rules for parleying with monsters, introduces group patrons, offers puzzles that will challenge players, and more.

Player’s Handbook

Player's Handbook cover artRecommended for: New players looking to get into D&D.

Anyone who wants to get into Dungeons & Dragons should pick up the Player’s Handbook. It contains everything you need to create stalwart fighters, cunning rogues, wise clerics, erudite wizards, and more! All of the base classes, races, spells, equipment, and more are included in this book. If you want to unlock the most character creation options for the D&D player in your life, check out our player’s bundle.

If you’re getting this book for someone who wants to run their own D&D game, consider also getting the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual.


Dragon of Icespire Peak

Dragon of Icespire Peak artworkRecommended for: Brand-new players and Dungeon Masters.

Dragon of Icespire Peak is the quintessential starter adventure for new players. It is tailored for those dipping their toes in Dungeons & Dragons for the very first time, whether they’re running the adventure or playing in it. The book walks you through playing the game and the adventure culminates in an epic battle with a white dragon atop the frigid mountain of Icespire Peak.

This adventure is playable using the free basic rules found on D&D Beyond.


How to gift a D&D book

When you go to the D&D Beyond marketplace and add an item to your cart, you’ll have the option to give it as a gift, even if you already own that book yourself. Just click the “Purchase as a gift” button beneath your order details window, and you’ll be given a gift key after checkout. Anyone who redeems this code while logged in to D&D Beyond will unwrap a shiny new digital D&D book!

D&D gifting on D&D Beyond

Keep the following in mind as you make your purchase:

  • Make sure your cart is filled with only items you want to give as gifts.
  • You can gift books or digital dice! However, you can’t gift subscriptions.
  • D&D Beyond does not offer gift cards.

Want to see more great Dungeons & Dragons gifts for your favorite adventures? Check out the whole catalog in the D&D Beyond marketplace!

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