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How Marvel’s Juggernaut Once Ran Into… Harry Potter?!

The Juggernaut’s stint in New Excalibur saw the Marvel Universe’s most surprising cameo from Harry Potter and his closest friends.

The Marvel Universe has featured plenty of unexpected cameos. There have even been appearances by the creatives behind the characters and stories over the years, giving the likes of Stan Lee the chance to meet some of the characters he helped create. But one reference to a non-Marvel property took on additional layers of bizarreness due to real-world events regarding their owners.

New Excalibur #3 by Chris Claremont and Michael Ryan featured the Juggernaut sprinting his way through London. Along the way, he briefly brushed past a character clearly meant to be Harry Potter — suggesting the Boy Who Lived might have some tie to the Marvel Universe.

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New Excalibur brought the team back to the United Kingdom. Originally beginning life in Britain, the aftermath of House of M saw some of the last powered mutants on Earth team up once more in London. Among their number though were the Juggernaut. Cain Marko had previously been one of the X-Men’s most dangerous and enduring enemies. But in the early 2000s, Juggernaut attempted to become a more heroic figure. He even joined the X-Men for a time, before a brutal battle with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led him to leave the team. Arriving in England, he quickly found himself wrapped up in the escapades of the mutants once again.

During the confrontation with Shadow-X — a villainous variant of Xavier corrupted from a world where Shadow King broke him — Juggernaut chased his Dark X-Men through London. Along the way, he slammed past a trio of teenagers making their way out of a secret passage. The three are clearly meant to be Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger leaving the wizarding neighborhood called Diagon Alley. Caught by surprise, the three barely get out of Juggernaut’s way before he bulldozed past them. Despite coming up against plenty of dangerous mystical threats themselves, Harry is quick to note he’s glad they’re not fighting Juggernaut. It’s a brief, silly allusion to the Harry Potter series — which was at its height of popularity in the same era as New Excalibur.

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Harry Potter

The idea of a crossover between the two worlds is a surprisingly humorous idea. There’s of course magic in the Marvel Universe, but a far different kind than what appears in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While the wizarding world is a secret community hidden from the public, the sorcerers of the Marvel Universe are far more open about their place in the world. The wizards and witches of Harry Potter are also somewhat limited by the spells they can cast with their wands. Meanwhile, the magic users of the Marvel Universe have multiple means to cast spells, few of which require wands. These worlds have vastly different magic rules but the dimension-hopping attributes of the Marvel Universe do not make it impossible for someone magically gifted like Harry Potter to gain entry into Spider-Man’s backyard.

It’s also a funny cameo given the eventual fate of both intellectual properties. The Harry Potter franchise was brought to the big screens by Warner Bros. This is also the same studio that produced the DC Extended Universe films, making Harry Potter and the DC heroes nominal franchise cousins. Meanwhile, Marvel was eventually purchased by Disney — one of Warner Bros.’s chief rivals in the film industry. In essence, Harry Potter’s cameo in a Marvel series was a subtle reference to their eventual competition, giving the brief cameo an additional layer of hilarity. There is always the chance that Marvel could refer to this appearance again and introduce their own variant of the Boy Who Lived.

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