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How Boba Fett Escaped His Original Star Wars Death Using a Jedi Mind Trick

Boba Fett has escaped the Sarlacc Pit quite a few times in a lot of different ways, but the best version involved some Jedi awesomeness.

When The Mandalorian debuted on Disney, it was the greatest contribution to Star Wars in years. Sure, it was a great series in its own right, but more importantly, it opened the door for Star Wars to make regular appearances on the small screen. Now, the MandoVerse timeline is arguably getting more attention than anything else in the Star Wars franchise. The initiative has introduced new characters like Din Djarin, while allowing old characters like Ahsoka to make their live-action debut. One of the biggest beneficiaries, however, has been Boba Fett.

After being shamefully cast aside in Return of the Jedi, Boba would go on make many post-Sarlacc appearances, but Disney relegated all of those stories to Legends continuity after acquiring Star Wars from George Lucas. Years later, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett have finally allowed Boba to make his return to canon in grandiose fashion. Nevertheless, Boba’s canon escape from the Sarlacc left a bit to be desired when compared to his mind-controlling exploits in Legends; yeah, that happened. So, here’s the three ways that Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc.

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The first time that Boba escaped the Sarlacc was in the 1983 comic Star Wars #81 by Mary Jo Duffy, Ron Frenz, Tom Palmer, Tom Mandrake, Joe Rosen and Glynis Wein. That story depicted Boba Fett as the badass that he was by having him unload all of his firepower on the Sarlacc’s innards. Apparently, Boba caused enough indigestion because the monster regurgitated the him. Even still, Boba wasn’t unharmed. He suffered from amnesia, took a ride with some Jawas and even helped Han Solo rescue R2-D2. In the end, though, Leia jogged his memory, which led to his falling back into the Sarlacc pit — this time inside of the Jawas’ sandcrawler.

The Book of Boba Fett mimicked the bounty hunter’s escape in Star Wars #81, minus the whole Jawa sandcrawler debacle. After waking up in the Sarlacc’s stomach, Boba Fett was out of oxygen. So, he found a Stormtrooper and used some of the trooper’s oxygen reserves. It was in that moment that Boba cooked up an idea — literally. He used his flamethrower and the spewing oxygen from the Stormtrooper to start a blaze. That allowed him to cut, claw and climb his way up out of one of the Sarlacc’s side passages.

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Boba’s most interesting and weirdest escape, though, came in a second Legends account, which can be found in the 1996 anthology book Tales from Jabba’s Palace. In a short story called “A Barve Like That: The Tale of Boba Fett,” showed his conniving side to get out of the Sarlacc Pit by using something awfully close to a Jedi mind trick.

In a lesser-known fact, Sarlaccs made a real connection with their food. In order to slowly digest their victims over a thousand years, Sarlaccs would develop a mental bond and give their victims unusually long life. It allowed their weak stomach acids to actually break down their victims while ensuring prolonged mental and physical torment.

In the aforementioned short story, Boba found himself able to telekinetically communicate with the Sarlacc’s very first victims, a male Choi named Susejo. They had some long talks, and eventually, Boba found out that his conversation partner had extensively bonded with the Sarlacc over the last four thousand years. As such, Susejo could exert some control over the monster. Exploiting that fact, Boba goaded Susejo to the point where the Sarlacc contracted around Boba’s jetpack, causing it fire, and that freed Boba enough to where he could unload his arsenal on the monster’s insides. All in all, Boba was always going to use his weapons to escape, but the inclusion of Boba’s mind-controlling weirdness could have been a fun addition to the new, canon rendition.

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