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Harley Quinn’s New Sidekick Just Transformed Into a Costumed Vigilante

Harley Quinn’s friend, Kevin, assembles his own vigilant suit in a preview for Harley Quinn #8, the series’ latest tie-in issue to Batman: Fear State.

Gotham City’s roster of vigilantes continues to grow in Harley Quinn, and its latest is literally wearing hockey pads.

A preview for Harley Quinn #8 features Kevin–Harley’s latest sidekick who has accompanied her throughout the series–suiting up in a homemade crimefighting outfit fashioned as a homage to the woman helping him become a better person. Kevin has sported a jersey since the series’ first issue, but he has traded that in for more sport attire (hockey stick included) and a pullover mask, all with a matching color scheme to Harley’s red and black. However, some readers may be asking the question made famous by Home Alone…Kevin?

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Kevin first appeared in the series during its very first issue in March 2021. He is a former Joker henchman and helped other clowns attack the city during last year’s Batman: Joker War storyline and event. When readers first met Kevin, he was being attacked by Gotham citizens who held anger against clowns following the war. Batman interrupted the brawl, but before the caped crusader could make a move against Kevin, Harley stepped in to say he could be helped rather than punished.

From that point onward, Kevin has idolized and looked up to Harley, helping her start a support group for people who need guidance and therapy after following the Joker’s lead. He regrets the actions he took part in during Joker War, such as burning down a building, and is fearful he might slip back into being a villain’s goon at any moment. While he has doubted his ability to change, the vigilante turn he has taken in the preview (since Harley Quinn is busy in the Batman title) reveals more of his heroic side seen in this year’s annual issue.

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In Harley Quinn Annual #1, Kevin stuck his head out for Harley in a big way. She had been kidnapped by one of Gotham’s newer villains, Keepsake, who has been identified as “creepy” by numerous of the city’s big bads, villains he has all stolen weaponry and equipment from. In the annual, Kevin risked his life alongside Solomon Grundy to ask many of Gotham’s villains–Penguin, Cheshire, Two-Face, Riddler, Firefly and Mr. Freeze–for help tracking down Keepsake so he could save Harley. The preview and solicitation for the issue featuring Kevin’s continuing heroics can be found below.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and the Gardener ride on a rocket bike.
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy grace a variant cover for Harley Quinn #8.


  • Pencils and inks by RILEY ROSSMO
  • Cover by RILEY ROSSMO
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • Variant by DERRICK CHEW
  • $4.99 US (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 10/26/21
  • Sorry, Harley’s not here right now, but this is her trusted sidekick Kevin, and I’m happy to be keeping watch over the streets of Gotham. The city’s gone a little crazy with the Magistrate’s forces cracking down. I just hope that Harley’s mission to Alley Town with Catwoman and the Gardener is successful in finding the missing piece of Poison Ivy that could be the very key to saving Gotham. In the meantime, I’ll help put fires out around Gotham…literally…and I might get some unexpected help in the process! Fear State part two continues here!

Harley Quinn's latest sidekick begins to creative a vigilante suit for himself.
The suit Harley's latest sidekick wears is inspired by her.
Kevin goes out to fight crime and help Harley.
Kevin is saved from Peacekeepers by an unknown helper.

Harley Quinn #8 is written by Stephanie Phillips with interior and cover art by Riley Rossmo. A variant cover was created for the issue by Derrick Chew, as he has done for all the series’ issues. The issue goes on sale Oct. 26 from DC Comics.

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Source: DC Comics

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