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Halo Infinite Promo Puts You Straight Into Master Chief’s Armor

A new promo for Halo Infinite invites fans to scan their face into Master Chief’s iconic helmet and be placed inside a cinematic fight sequence.

A recently released promo for Halo Infinite offers players the chance to don series protagonist Master Chief’s suit as part of their “Become” marketing campaign.

Halo‘s Community Manager, John Junyszek, posted the short teaser on his Twitter account that showcases how fans will look if their face was superimposed in Master Chief’s helmet. The 30-second promo puts Junyszek himself in Master Chief’s place to give viewers an idea of function operates. Junyszek first appears in profile before the suit loads in around him. The video then cuts in an action sequence with the Community Manager’s face popping in sporadically.

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All players have to do to experience the transformation is go to The link leads to a page with a Halo-esque screen stating, “Project: Become Master Chief.” Those who want to give this a try have to select their age group and allow access to their camera for a facial scan, but the process is otherwise quick and painless. The completed video doesn’t differ at all from the one posted by Junyszek, apart from one’s own imprinted face.

Microsoft and 343 Industries, the game’s developer, have been pushing hard with the “Become” promotional campaign. A previous trailer also drafts you as a hero as it casts regular people throughout space and time performing extraordinary feats. The “Forever We Fight” trailer also shares some shots with this promo, most notably when Master Chief turns to face the camera and a couple of violent interactions with enemies.

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While the game’s campaign mode hasn’t been released yet, players have still had the opportunity to embrace the Halo world. Microsoft released a free-to-play open beta of the game’s multiplayer mode early, allowing fans to satisfy their Halo needs while waiting for the single-player campaign to drop. The release of the online mode on Nov. 15 came as somewhat of a surprise for gamers, though the beta was not without its issues. However, previous complaints about the game’s experience progression were addressed when 343 Industries announced the Battle Pass system would be getting a rework.

Halo Infinite‘s single-player campaign will release on Dec. 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. As an added bonus, the game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s video game subscription service.

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