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Halo Infinite Finally Reveals a Comprehensive Campaign Breakdown

The latest trailer for Halo Infinite is a deep dive into the game’s campaign, providing a closer look at the mission structure and open-world sandbox.

The latest trailer for Halo Infinite provides fans with a long-awaited comprehensive look at the game’s campaign, explaining several key mechanics and alterations to the series’ formula.

The video, which consists of previously revealed footage alongside new looks at Halo Infinite‘s story mode, better explains the game’s structure. The game’s developer, 343 Industries, describes it as the “biggest campaign to date,” while showcasing aspects of the game’s open-world environment and free-form encounters. Taking place on the sprawling Zeta Halo, the trailer features Master Chief using a new AI companion to track down Cortana and finally figure out what happened to his long-time partner after the events of Halo 5. To navigate the world, Chief can call in a variety of land or air-based vehicles at select points on the map. Alongside the grappling hook and enemy vehicles, players will be able to move around the space however they see fit.

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