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Gamer Collects Whopper-Sized Number of Burger King’s Xbox 360 Title

One collector obtains as many copies of the Xbox 360 Burger King tie-in game Sneak King as he can, gathering a Whopper of a niche collection.

One gamer has gathered an extremely niche game collection comprised entirely of a Whopper-sized number of Burger King’s Xbox 360 title.

A post on Reddit by user @nomercyvideo claims that the collector had managed to obtain 2,706 physical copies of the Burger King game Sneak King. While the picture can’t accurately be counted, there is a noticeably large number of stacks. The second picture also shows the massive size of the stacks, reaching almost to the shoulders of the owner. The collector has even documented some parts of their quest to obtain as many copies as they can, uploading some of their journey to the YouTube channel Sneak Kingz.

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Sneak Kingz is comprised of Leroy Patterson and Bobby Ramos. Patterson introduces himself as a stunt man and a pro wrestler, while Ramos is also a wrestler as well as a voice actor. While the two travel together in search of collectibles, Patterson is the one with the interest in finding copies of Sneak King, which Ramos describes as an obsession. It’s unclear how many copies Patterson had of the game prior to the channel’s first upload on July 15, but their first search took them to OG Collectibles in Downey, California.

The channel’s second video, which was uploaded on the same day, revealed how Patterson and Ramos were able to acquire 1000 copies from a single private seller. After buying many boxes full of the game, the collectors had managed to acquire 1,166 copies. While no further videos have been uploaded to the channel since, Patterson had managed to add an additional 1,540 copies to his collection as of Nov. 28.

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Burger King released three games on the Xbox in 2006, including Big Bumpin’ and Pocketbike Racer. As for Sneak King, the game was developed by Blitz Games and released as a cross-gen title for the Xbox and Xbox 360. The premise of the title was a stealth-based burger delivery game that saw players assuming control of Burger King’s mascot character The King. It was originally intended to be developed for Xbox’s online service Xbox Live Arcade; however, it was switched to a physical disc format prior to release.

The game was cheap to acquire on release, as it was included with Burger King value meals. If Sneak Kingz intends to track down every copy, it will be a long endeavor, thanks to the game’s success. While the Xbox title was not well-received critically, the game managed to sell over 2 million copies. At present there is no backward-compatible version of the game, meaning Patterson will need a working Xbox 360 to even use any of his collection.

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Source: Reddit


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