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Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman Just Demolished Spider-Man’s Villains

In Deadpool: Invisible Touch #2, the Fantastic Four’s most powerful member was humiliated after a confrontation with Spider-Man villains.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Invisible Touch #2, available now on Marvel Unlimited.

Spider-Man’s gallery of rogues is one of the most iconic in the history of comic books. With an impressive range of villains that covers fully licensed supervillains like Green Goblin to street-level threats like Shocker, the Web-Slinger’s extended family of foes has embedded itself as a fixture in the Marvel universe, with its legacy enduring into Marvel 2099 and beyond.

That being said, while Spider-Man’s collection of villains is impressive in terms of size and infamy, the group as a whole often comes up short when pitted against more powerful superheroes, and they show that awareness by holding other heroes in much higher regard than they do Spider-Man. Deadpool: Invisible Touch #2 (by Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Geaffo, Rachell Rosenburg, and Joe Sabino) highlights the disparity between Spider-Man’s villains and heroes like the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman and reveals the surprising reverence that a certain Spider-Man villain holds for her and her family.

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Picking up where the previous issue left off, Invisible Woman and Deadpool are hot on the trail of the villain Spot, who has managed to steal a flash drive containing the patents for many of Mister Fantastic’s inventions. While Invisible Woman is very reluctant to accept Deadpool’s help, Wade points out that Susan has no connections to the criminal underworld and has no idea where her husband’s legal documents could end up. To prove his point, Deadpool escorts Invisible Girl to the Bar with No Name, where many of New York’s villains lay low and have a drink between crimes. The Bar’s location is constantly changing, making it very difficult for heroes to find, although villains always seem to be aware of the Bar’s new address.

While Invisible Woman hides in plain sight, Deadpool attempts to gain information about Spot’s whereabouts from the bar’s patrons, which consist almost entirely of Spider-Man villains. When the villains refuse to rat Spot out to Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth threatens to force the truth out of them with his new “finger gun powers”, not so subtly asking for assistance from Susan. When the Rhino attempts to attack Deadpool, Invisible Girl knocks him out with a forcefield. Following Deadpool’s lead, Invisible Girl takes out Kraven the Hunter and Vulture until the barkeeper finally tells Deadpool that Spot met with his lawyer earlier that day to arrange some kind of meeting.

Just as the two are about to leave, a dye-pack belonging to the villain Boomerang accidentally goes off, covering Invisible Girl in paint and exposing her presence. Upon realizing that a member of the Fantastic Four is there, the villains immediately become compliant. As she turns to leave, Dr. Octopus expresses surprise and disgust that Invisible Woman has sunken to the low of teaming up with someone like Deadpool. Dr. Octopus’ admonishment deeply upsets Susan, which shouldn’t come as a surprise due to Otto’s history with her and her family.

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Back when Invisible Woman was pregnant with her daughter Valeria, the radiation in her blood threatened to kill both her and her unborn child. Desperate to save Susan and their baby, Mr. Fantastic turned to Otto Octavius, aka Dr. Octopus, for assistance. Unwilling to allow a child to endure the horrors of radiation exposure like he did during the incident that grafted his cybernetic arms to his back, the villain agreed to help. While it was ultimately Dr. Doom who saved her and Valeria, Octavius’ willingness to help her was not lost on Invisible Woman. In turn, the Fantastic Four’s willingness to trust him left an impact on Dr. Octopus, who seems genuinely disappointed in Susan’s decision to work with Deadpool.

Invisible Woman’s single-handed take-down of a large selection of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery demonstrates the gap in power between the Web-Slinger and heroes like the Fantastic Four, completely validating the fear and respect that the villains have for Susan and her family. Unfortunately, that glowing reputation appears to have taken a hit now that the villains know that Invisible Woman is working with the almost universally despised Deadpool. One of Susan’s greatest fears going into this mission was the public-relations scandal that the Fantastic Four would endure if she was seen with Deadpool, and it looks like that fear has just become a humiliating reality.

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