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Everything You Can Do After Completing The Main Story

The story in Final Fantasy XIV is massive and gives players plenty to do with dungeons, encounters, cutscenes and more. It’s an epic and long journey, with Endwalker adding another piece to the puzzle. There’s a lot to get through, but once it’s over, it’s easy to feel directionless or like there’s less to do. However, there is plenty to still accomplish after the main story. There is a ton that gets unlocked across the four expansions, so it’s easy to forget what’s out there to accomplish, and there’s a good amount of variety too that takes players across the world.

Most of FFXIV’s extra content is unlocked via NPCs with a blue quest marker, making them important to complete or get. There are a number of them across the game, from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker, and they’re opened through leveling. Some are even side stories, which means additional stories to complete, which may or may not contribute to the main story and its lore. There is plenty left to do after the main story is complete, and these are just some of those tasks.

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Become a Collector

A horse mount collection in FFXIV

Like any game, FFXIV has its share of collectibles for players to find, and there’s something for everyone. There are mounts and minions to look snazzy while traveling Eorzea. Some of these can also unlock quests that reward the player for collecting certain ones. There is a journal with hints to find scenic lookout points across the world, perfect for screenshots. There are cosmetics and equipment that can be used for glamours and fill up a player’s wardrobe. Music scrolls can be found in Duties to build a music list that can be listened to at an Inn or in player quarters. Some regular quests hide collectibles, emotes and more to find.

There is lots to find in Eorzea and keep players busy. For those looking for something more casual than traveling the world or running multiple Duties, there’s always the Gold Saucer. It’s always busy, making it an excellent place to hang out while also gathering MGP, the Saucer’s currency, which can be used to purchase cosmetics, mounts, minions and more. The mini-games are plenty fun, and some even have their own collectibles like Triple Triad Cards.

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Build Relic Weapons

A FFXIV Relic Weapon

Every class has access to Relic weapon quests at each expansion’s max level. These are unique weapons with their own background and take work to obtain and upgrade. While only the as-yet-unreleased level 90 weapons will be the most relevant, lower-level ones can still be obtained, and requirements have been relaxed over time. Some are more tedious than others to obtain, but they can be a mark of achievement and yield players a unique weapon that can be used as a glamour.

These are started as blue quests, and different phases will be locked to whatever class weapon is being worked on at that point. For example, if a player started working on the Dragoon Atma Zodiac weapon for level 60, they can’t do another class’ Atma Zodiac weapon until it’s complete. This means players must be careful when going into a Relic quest and ensure they are in the correct class. They’re easiest to undertake at max level, making the completion of Endwalker a perfect time to do them.

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Craft Everything

A crafting Lalafel in FFXIV

Everything has a story in FFXIV, and crafting and gathering are no different. Every Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land job has its own questlines at various levels and can unlock useful skills to help build a player’s main class. This means more side stories to complete while also getting better at crafting. Depending on the job, players can make items to add to their glamour dresser, better gear, furniture for player housing, potions and food for combat, and other crafting materials to use. It’s also an excellent way to make some Gil as some items can be rare or required for quests and can be sold on the player markets.

There is a lot of use for crafting and gathering in FFXIV, and they all connect to each other. For example, many Weaver crafts, essentially tailoring, use various leathers made with Leatherworking. It may be tempting to raise multiple crafting and gathering jobs simultaneously, but it’s better to focus on a couple at a time as it can get complicated and fill up inventory space. It’s a whole other journey to undertake that differs from the main Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic jobs.

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Max-Out Jobs

Various classes in FFXIV

Speaking of the Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic, players can take the time to raise any class they desire on one character. If they’ve played through the story as one class and made it to 90, they can try something new. There are several ways to level after the main story quest, such as Leves, doing regular quests, completing side stories, running duties or just grinding the old-fashioned way. Each class also has its own class or role quests that tells its own story.

This is also a good way to try out new roles. A healer can become a melee DPS, or a ranged DPS can try out tanking if they feel comfortable with the various Duties. If players aren’t comfortable changing things up that much, there are enough similar role classes to try playing differently without changing gameplay entirely. It can be a fun new challenge and a fun way to experience the story again with New Game+.

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Delve Into Deep-Dungeons

An encounter in Palace of the Dead

These aren’t like regular Duties players can queue up for. There are only two in the game so far: Palace of the Dead located in the South Shroud and Heaven-on-High located in the Ruby Sea. PotD can be accessed by any level, while HoH requires players to be a minimum of level 61. Players need to go to where they’re located and talk to the appropriate NPC to access them. They can be done alone or with four party members and have their own rewards and achievements depending on how far players get.

Players will begin at the lowest level, one or 61, regardless of their actual level in the rest of the game, making these deep dungeons a challenge. Players will descend one level at a time, gaining character levels as they progress, and make their way through procedurally generated areas while avoiding traps and fighting enemies. It’s an interesting part of the game that’s fun to experience with friends and can yield weapons, minions and other random loot with progress. It’s also a fun way to replay a class that’s already maxed out or try a new one.

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Take on Harder Content

Ultimate Alexander, a great challenge in FFXIV

If deep dungeons aren’t enough, there is also harder content to take on for simple glory or to access some rare equipment and achievements. Players who feel confident or advanced enough with their class and the game’s content can try Extreme Trials or Savage and Ultimate raids. These are the harder versions of Trial and Raid duties and often require good knowledge of fights and the chosen class. These are something to work towards once the normal content feels easy. Players are generally expected to have knowledge of the encounters as well as how to play their class well.

Savage and Ultimate Raids are some of the most challenging content in the game, meaning players are expected to be proficient and well equipped. These are better done in created parties in the Party Finder as players may have to communicate mechanics and what the plan will be ahead of an encounter. These difficulties can be queued for, but it’s still expected that players have experience and can adapt quickly. It’s a good challenge for players at the end game that are looking for more.

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