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Everyone Dexter Kills in New Blood, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood Episode 10, “Sins of the Father,” which aired Sunday, Jan. 9, on Showtime.

Dexter: New Blood features the final days of charming serial killer Dexter Morgan approximately 10 years after the events of the controversial 2013 finale to the original series. And while Dexter has managed to keep his lifelong lethal urges to kill at bay for the ensuing decade, New Blood really kicks off when Dexter breaks bad once again starts a fresh killing spree, justifying it as part of his twisted moral code, while trying to quietly live in the small upstate New York town of Iron Lake under the assumed name Jim Lindsay.

Here is a complete list of everyone Dexter kills over the course of New Blood, including why and how Dexter decides to murder each of them and the consequences each death causes over the remainder of the series.

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Matt Caldwell Is Dexter’s First Kill in New Blood

While Dexter had been able to repress the Dark Passenger for a decade since faking his death in Miami, this all changed when Dexter and Matt Caldwell struck up a quiet feud. The son of local business scion Kurt Caldwell, Dexter and Matt get off on the wrong foot when Dexter refuses to sell Matt a hunting rifle without a valid background check. For someone used to always getting what he wants, Matt does not to take this policy well, even if he only needs to wait a handful of days to be cleared.

While continually being humiliated around town by Matt for this earlier encounter, Dexter learns that Matt was responsible for an accident that left five people dead but evaded any legal repercussions for the incident. Dexter still doesn’t act initially until Matt shoots a white deer with his fancy, new hunting rifle, nearly hitting Dexter with the shot as he approached the protected animal. This proved to be the last straw, with Dexter incapacitating Matt before killing him in a makeshift murder room and incinerating his remains.

Dexter Kills Drug Dealer Jasper Hodge

Dexter is convinced the incident with Matt is a one-and-done deal until Dexter’s son Harrison overdoses on a potent street drug at a high school party celebrating Harrison thwarting a would-be school shooter. Enraged that someone nearly killed his son, Dexter accosts a local drug dealer before learning about the head of the operation, Jasper Hodge, who manufactures the illegal drugs out of his own home.

Secretly obtaining Jasper’s address from the police, Dexter ambushes Jasper in his home and confronts him with his criminal history. With the authorities closing in on Jasper’s operation based on a tip from Harrison’s dealer, Dexter instead fakes Jasper having a fatal fentanyl overdose, forcibly putting the controlled substance into Jasper’s nostrils before arranging the body to make the overdose look like a self-inflicted accident.

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Dexter Kills Elric Kane After Being Kidnapped

A tool for murder

After Kurt reveals that he is a secret serial killer himself and aware that Dexter murdered Matt, Kurt targets Harrison to avenge his son while he tasks a local ne’er-do-well Elric Kane to kidnap Dexter and bring him to Kurt’s remote cabin so he can face Kurt’s revenge. Dexter comes to his senses and frees himself after attacking Kane and runs into the woods, with a furious Kane deciding to kill Dexter instead as he pursues him with his hunting rifle.

Hiding in an abandoned summer camp, Dexter finds a kitchen knife among the dilapidated cabins and sets a trap for Kane to stumble into, with Kane distracted by a mirror before Dexter knocks the hunter down and plunges the knife into Kane’s chest, killing him. After rescuing Harrison, Dexter returns to the camp alone and quietly disposes of Kane’s body.

Dexter Killed Wiggles the Clown During the Original Showtime Series

wiggles the clown dexter new blood

Following his rescue of Harrison from Kurt, Dexter finally confesses the truth to his son about his murderous side, personified by the Dark Passenger. As he shares his moral code to keep his lethal urges sated, Dexter recounts a previously unseen murder of Wiggles the Clown, a serial killer targeting children sometime before Dexter faked his own death in Miami.

Approaching Wiggles at the family entertainment center where he worked as a clown, Dexter lures Wiggles into the main play area and distracts him by deflating the blow-up attractions before incapacitating Wiggles and executing him in his trademark manner. While initially lying to Harrison that he scared Wiggles straight and spared his life, Dexter later confirms in response to his son’s deduction that he actually murdered the killer clown.

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Dexter Kills His Serial Killer Rival Kurt Caldwell

The majority of Dexter: New Blood involves a deadly cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and Kurt, with Kurt quickly becoming more dangerous after Dexter personally thwarted Kurt’s next intended target, Molly Park. Dexter and Harrison discovered that Kurt kept an underground hideout near his cabin where he stored preserved bodies of his victims, including Molly, after Kurt tracked her back down.

In full view of his victims, Dexter executes Kurt after intercepting him when the notorious killer attempts to escape. While Dexter and Harrison dispose of Kurt’s dismembered body, Kurt gets the last laugh by burning down Dexter’s cabin and leaving evidence to town sheriff Angela Bishop that Dexter murdered Matt, with Bishop already suspicious of her boyfriend’s duplicitous double life.

Deputy Logan Is Dexter’s Most Controversial Kill

The final — and perhaps most controversial — murder Dexter ever commits is Bishop’s deputy Logan, who also moonlights as Harrison’s high school wrestling coach. While Dexter acknowledges that Logan is a good man, Dexter is also aware that his own past as the Bay Harbor Butcher is finally catching up with him and he faces the death penalty if extradited back to Florida to face his old friend, police captain Angel Batista.

After distracting Bishop by providing her with the location of Kurt’s hideout, Dexter attacks Logan when he approaches Dexter’s holding cell in the sheriff’s department. When Logan goes for his gun while Dexter implores him to stand down and turn over the cell’s key, Dexter breaks Logan’s neck, killing him on the spot. After learning of this murder, Harrison recognizes Dexter for the hypocritical killer he really is and guns him down with Dexter’s encouragement.

To see all of Dexter’s final kills, New Blood is available to stream in its entirety on Showtime.

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