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Encanto: 10 Madrigal Abilities That Are Exactly Like Quirks

The most recent release on Disney’s list of animated films, Encanto takes its viewers on a journey that’s as charming as its title. Among beautiful songs and a colorful setting, the movie reveals a family gifted with magical powers – all of them as unique as each character.

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Supernatural abilities are a fairly common theme in fiction, and the abilities of the Madrigals may remind viewers of powers they have seen in other types of media. In fact, some of them are very similar to the Quirks present in the popular anime My Hero Academia.

10 Abuela’s Creation Of The Family Miracle May Remind Fans Of Momo Yaoyorozu

The matriarch of the family, Abuela Alma doesn’t actually have a magical gift of her own. However, it is her grief at the loss of her husband Pedro that creates the Encanto and the magical candle that is the family miracle. The candle is the source of all the other magical powers in the family, and as such, it is Alma who indirectly creates their gifts.

Alma’s grief and inability to value all family members eventually damages the family and extinguishes the candle. But her original gift may remind viewers of Momo Yaoyorozu. Capable of creating any non-living thing out of her lipids, Momo certainly has moments when she seems magical.

9 Julieta’s Healing Skill Makes Her A Version Of Recovery Girl

The oldest of Alma’s triplets, Julieta Madrigal has a gift that perfectly suits her generous and empathetic personality. She is able to heal any injury with a meal. When her daughter Mirabel hurts her hand, she heals her with an arepa con queso, and her husband Agustin often benefits from her skill due to his constant mishaps with bees.

The skill makes her the Madrigals’ version of Recovery Girl. The Youthful Heroine’s Quirk Heal relies on her patients’ stamina to mend their injuries, but she also has special gummies intended to help them recover. Her power makes her vital for U.A.—just like Julieta is for the Madrigals.

8 Pepa’s Weather Control Is Reminiscent Of Nine’s First Quirk

One of the most interesting abilities in Encanto goes to Abuela’s second daughter, Pepa. She can control the weather through her emotions. Her outbursts of temper can even create hurricanes, and her mother’s perfectionism forces her to attempt to suppress her emotions.

The skill is very familiar with the villain Nine’s Quirk of Weather Manipulation. Appearing in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Nine is actually hindered by his own Quirk. Weather Manipulation allows him to summon devastating weather phenomena, but it also causes his cells to degenerate. He ends up working with All for One in an attempt to stop the damage, but he is unable to fulfill his goals and is ultimately killed.

7 Bruno’s Visions Could Have Easily Belonged To Sir Nighteye

The youngest of Alma’s triplets, Bruno is one of the most tragic characters in Encanto. He is given the gift of seeing the future, but his visions often involve negative elements. As a result, he is ostracized by his own family and the townsfolk. His ability, as well as its downsides, are also displayed by Sir Nighteye.

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All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye can use his Quirk Foresight to see into the future. The Quirk can only be used once per day and the further Nighteye looks, the blurrier and more uncertain things get. He isn’t abandoned like Bruno is, but Foresight comes with its own burdens.  It has caused Nighteye to have a rigid fatalistic view on life, which damages his relationship with All Might and causes him to reject his successor Izuku.

6 Isabela’s Plant-Creating Gift May Be A More Powerful Form Of Ibara Shiozaki’s Vine

Isabela Madrigal is Julieta and Agustin’s oldest child. Her plant-creating gift, grace, and beauty mark her as the golden child of the family, although she secretly feels the burdens of her image. By the end of the story, she finds that her true potential is in seeking things that are unique and imperfect.

Isabela’s ability is not unlike Ibara’s Shiozaki Vine. Ibara’s Quirk is a mutation that turns her hair into vines. She can extend these plants over long distances and use them to immobilize enemies or even protect herself from attacks. Isabela’s ability is more powerful, but the two have a lot in common.

5 Luisa’s Superstrength Is Reminiscent of All Might

If Abuela Alma is the source of the family’s magic, Isabela’s younger sister, Luisa, is the pillar supporting their community. Using her superstrength, she often comes to the aid of the townsfolk, helping them with every problem they encounter. Her dedication comes with downsides, as she feels crushed under the countless burdens she has to carry.

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In this sense, the character is very much like All Might. The Symbol of Peace is also gifted with super-strength, and his Quirk One for All is far more potent than Luisa’s gift. But it is also their personality that is similar, as All Might takes on more than he can carry as well, and suffers a lot in the process.

4 Dolores’s Enhanced Hearing Is Just Like Kyoka Jiro’s Earphone Jack

Pepa’s daughter, Dolores, is the one character who always seems to know everything about everyone. Her enhanced hearing allows her to hear even the slightest sound—like a pin dropping—or even receive messages from great distances.

The power is very similar to Kyoka Jiro’s Earphone Jack, though it doesn’t quite have the same offensive potential. Kyoka’s extended earlobes grant her an enhanced sense of hearing, but she can also use them to pump the sound of her own heartbeat through her amplifiers into obstacles she wishes to be destroyed. On the other hand, Dolores’s hearing range may be higher, so each ability is excellent in its own way.

3 Camilo’s Shape-Shifting Reminds Fans Of Himiko Toga’s Transform

Dolores’s younger brother, Camilo, is a real trickster and an easy-going teenager who enjoys using his gift. His shape-shifting allows him to turn into any living person he has seen, even including their clothes. While Camilo’s pranks are never malicious in nature, his gift is very similar to Himiko Toga’s Transform.

The young member of the League of Villains drinks the blood of her targets and uses it to turn into them. After her Awakening, she can even use their Quirks, although this side of her power drastically limits the time she can spend in someone else’s form.

2 Antonio’s Ability To Talk To Animals Is Similar To Koji Koda’s

The youngest member of the Madrigal family, Pepa’s son Antonio, receives his gift in the first part of Encanto. He is able to talk to animals, which is an ability that allows him to communicate with everything from birds to a capybara and a jaguar.

Antonio’s ability is very much like the skill wielded by the quietest member of Class 1-A, Koji Koda. The young hero uses his Quirk Anivoice to communicate with animals, and he’s proven himself capable of controlling both insects and birds. It’s a skill that has a lot of potential – particularly for a rescue hero in areas with a lot of fauna.

1 Mirabel May Not Have A Gift But She Has Deku’s Determination

The main character of the story, Mirabel doesn’t receive a gift of her own. As a result, she struggles with feelings of insecurity and she never feels like she belongs in her own family. But it is her determination and desire to protect her family that ultimately heals the Madrigals and helps rebuild their home.

In that sense, she is very similar to Izuku Midoriya. Originally Quirkless, Deku desperately wishes to become a hero. Even without a superpower of his own, Izuku leaps to the aid of his friend-turned-bully Katsuki Bakugou. It is his heroic heart that earns him the attention of All Might, who chooses him to become his successor and the next wielder of One for All.

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