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DnD: How to Incorporate Draconic Gifts Into Your Campaign

Fizban’s Treasury introduces intriguing new Draconic Gifts to D&D. While similar to feats, these are far grander and can transform a player entirely.

Dungeons & Dragons is adding a lot of interesting new options for players and Dungeon Masters with its latest sourcebook, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. Not only does the book explore dragons more deeply than ever before, but it introduces a whole new approach to dragon encounters that could end with a special gift that empowers the player with unimaginable abilities.

Draconic Gifts are bestowed upon those who’ve left a lasting impression on a dragon, either in befriending it or slaying it in combat. They can be incorporated into the game in ways that enhance the adventure and encourage players to intentionally make contact with, rather than shy away from dragon encounters — which tend to be a frightening ordeal for players because of how powerful dragons tend to be.

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What Are Draconic Gifts?

The rarity of these gifts, which range from uncommon to legendary in the same capacity as magical items, is determined by a dragon’s age. Wyrmlings are capable of bestowing uncommon draconic gifts, while young dragons might offer a rare draconic gift. Gifts from adult dragons, which have had more time to develop their power, are very rare, and the offerings of ancient dragons, who’ve lived more lifetimes than most mortals can imagine, are considered legendary.

Sometimes, these gifts are achieved when a dragon dies, either in the company of or at the hand of the party. The culmination of the dragon’s power may take root in a character the dragon has grown close to and considers to be their heir, or the explosion of that power as the dragon’s slayer finishes it off  might transfer into the one who took the killing blow.

Dragons may also rarely bestow these gifts as rewards to those who have done them a service. That means there are plenty of ways to spice up the story and encourage the players to take a different approach to dragon encounters than they otherwise might.

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There are several unique options to choose from that can change the game in unexpected ways. One uncommon gift alters the physicality of the player completely, changing them from their original character race into a Dragonborn. There are also gifts that grant the player draconic familiars, dragon senses like blindsight and keen senses, or the charismatic voice of a dragon that not only speaks, reads and writes Draconic language, but can be boosted for up to 300 feet to ensure the speaker is heard.

How to Use Draconic Gifts

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon with Rider

DMs can gift draconic gifts to players in much the same way boons might be offered. They may be gifted by a dragon to a mortal they consider to be their heir or rewarded to those who have done a great service for them. Dragonslayers may absorb aspects of a dragon’s power in the form of a draconic gift, not unlike the power absorbed when killing dragons in Skyrim.

There are a number of creative ways they can be incorporated into the game that aligns with the story and potential progresses it. The DM may make the choice regarding which draconic gift the player obtains, or they could offer a choice based on the circumstances surrounding the dragon itself.

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Draconic Gifts are similar to feats in that they provide player characters with unique abilities, but they are much more powerful than general feats. Fizban‘s does offer three new Draconic Feats, but the book makes clear that DMs may offer altered versions of general feats or their own creations as draconic gifts, especially to players who have already begun to walk a draconic path as a friend to dragons or a slayer.

For example, Inspiring Leader could be tied to a dragon’s charismatic nature, or the Observant and Alert feats could be altered to reflect a dragon’s heightened sense of awareness. Magic Initiate might be altered to include draconic magic, or Keen Senses might have been learned in one’s time among incredibly perceptive dragons.

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