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Cobra Kai’s Most Badass Fighter Isn’t Robby or Hawk

Thanks to a shocking, heart-pounding training regime, Season 4 of Netflix’s Cobra Kai proved the show’s most badass fighter wasn’t Robby or Hawk.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Season 4 of Cobra Kai, streaming now on Netflix.

In Season 4 of Cobra Kai, with most of the teenage fighters healthy and chomping at the bit, many fans paid close attention to who would be the best in the All-Valley Tournament. Johnny had Miguel in Eagle Fang, but due to his old injuries, he wasn’t in his prime. Meanwhile, Daniel trained Hawk, and Cobra Kai’s Kreese and Terry had Robby — both of whom ended up in the men’s final. However, in terms of the most badass and the show’s most unflinching daredevil, that title went to someone else.

This is none other than Mary Mouser’s Sam, Daniel’s daughter, who trained with her dad at Miyagi-Do. She had a fire lit under her due to her rivalry with Tory from last season, wanting to take the Cobra Kai bully out and teach her a lesson. Given Tory helped corrupt Sam’s ex, Robby, and played a part in Miguel’s torment as well, that just provided more incentive, shaping Sam at her angriest.

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However, Sam struggled with the methods Daniel taught, wanting to be more aggressive than passive. It’s why Johnny took her dojo during his brief time working with Daniel to a rooftop to really extract the fire and fury within. It wasn’t the best training, though, as he wanted them to leap from one building to another, jumping several feet in an almost inhuman task.

Demetri and the other members of the squad blatantly said no, making it clear this was impossible. It led to Johnny deriding them, deeming their dithering as cowardice. For hours they sat there on the hot rooftop, taking Johnny’s bashing, but when they were about to leave, Sam got fed up, took a long run and made the jump.

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Everyone was stunned, including Johnny, as he never expected Daniel’s daughter to attempt this. What was scary, however, was that Johnny just had some mattresses hundreds of feet below, arranged in a messy order. When the camera panned down, it was obvious if anyone botched the jump, they’d have died, but the fact Sam willingly took this leap without hesitation proves this to be the bravest act from the show so far.

Common sense would have prevented any of the others, even Hawk and Robby, from making this jump since they could have fallen to their deaths, but Sam wanted to shut Johnny up and prove she would not be restricted by her father’s ways. This also unlocked something aggressive in her, which gained Johnny’s respect, and she eventually evolved her style in a way Daniel also approved of, as he could tell she was the toughest out of all the dojos.

Cobra Kai’s four seasons are available to stream now on Netflix.

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