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Previously on Battle for Beyond, having just defeated The Architect, Nikhil is taunted by a satchel containing his sister’s removed horns. He rushes to her aid with Sestia and Leila in tow, and they each confront their past from within a magical looking glass. Nikhil and Leila escape, but Sestia finds comfort in her memory, dying as she remains lost within. Murdina is invited to a tea party by Kyshaar’s pet fish Polodio — once thought dead — and brings Lenore and Ekon with her. They are met by the horrifying sight of Seataur, but Murdina defends it against her companions, including the reappeared Nikhil and Leila. 

Battle for Beyond episode 6 recap

Disclaimer: Battle for Beyond contains mature themes and might not be suitable for all audiences.

In the sixth and final episode of Battle for Beyond, our heroes free Polodio from the horrific Seataur currently using him as bait. Sestia escapes The Looking Glass, receiving power from the Lord of Fate in exchange for her servitude, before helping Nikhil rescue Murdina. Leila learns of a great devourer god and strikes a bargain with her mother and creator, Sahengaria, to let her and her companions join the gods’ fight against it.

The team endures the trials of their final task and stands ready to confront The Eldritch Devourer in a battle for the cosmos.

Out of the frying pan…

In the midst of battle, Ekon is compelled to approach the grotesque Seataur form of Polodio, Kyshaar’s once-pet fish. Ekon is angrily aware that he has been charmed by the creature. He manifests a 3rd-level ice knife and plunges it into his own chest, causing a burst of ice shards. Murdina takes Polodio’s share of the damage, having provided him half cover with her wings.

Nikhil, paying attention to other people for the first time in his life, notices that Malini and Sestia are missing. He knows there is a way back into The Looking Glass, but the specifics of it elude him. Instead, he meditates on the deities from the legend Malini told to him — Sahengaria, Aagshni, and Nassavani. As he repeats the names as though a mantra, a masculine figure appears within his mind: one with long, dark hair, wrapped in furs and flowing saffron-colored robes, and bearing a cold expression of amusement. Nikhil realizes he’s been unlucky enough to attract the attention of Nassavani, the Lord of Fate.

Nassavani speaks to Nikhil: “You gotta use your head.” Nikhil, stunned, imagines head-butting him. The god hints that Nikhil can get to Malini using her broken horns, which are still in his possession. Nikhil offers to show the “big, bad Fate Daddy” a good time if he helps Nikhil find the others, but Nassavani refuses. “Fate’s written in the stars,” Nassavani says. He prefers Sestia. Nikhil offers his sister’s horns to the god instead, who takes them and disappears.

Leila leveled upMeanwhile, Lenore is trying to find new aquatic friends for Polodio but only manages to gather some phytoplankton.

Leila hears the names being muttered by Nikhil and — placing on her head the coronet she carries — invokes the deities’ names. Her form changes the moment the coronet touches her brow, and the others see her disappear. She reappears in the same void she inhabited in her memory, under the gaze of the great celestial body once more, though far closer than before. She sees dark tongues lashing out from within the body’s gaze, pulling her ever closer. (Through her transformation, Leila gains 10 additional levels in the warlock class.)

Polodio summons a whirlpool in the surrounding waters, restraining Ekon. Ekon pleads with Murdina to fight against Polodio, calling her a coward for her restraint in battle. Murdina considers striking at Ekon but recalls vaguely that certain creatures of the depths entice prey with a charismatic lure. In her gut, she believes that the real Polodio might be held under duress, forced by this larger creature to act as bait. “Polodio, if you hear me, tell me where you are!” she shouts, slicing into Seataur.

Sestia, cuddled up cozily with Tovayu in her memory, still has a nagging feeling that she is forgetting something. As her mind wanders, she notices the disconnect between her current situation and the events of the original memory and begins to pick apart the logic. Still hazy on how she got here, Sestia knows that this isn’t what really happened, and tells Tovayu that she has to leave.

Sestia goodbye gif

Sestia finds an open doorway, but beyond it sees Nassavani skipping toward her, holding Malini’s horns to his head. Below her, Sestia sees her companions in battle, as though an upside-down reflection. Nassavani tells Sestia that she almost died, although it looks to him like she can take care of herself. Sestia doesn’t see Malini in the reflection below, and Nassavani is delighted to see the conflict on her face. He gleefully asks Sestia who she’s going to help and reminds her that Nikhil would probably never forgive her if she left Malini here.

Nassavani alludes to the fact that Sahengaria and Aagshni are currently speaking with Leila, and says that he doesn’t really like Leila. Sestia chooses to help Malini, but has a moment of panic, wondering if she chose correctly. The floor beneath Sestia’s feet turns solid, and Nassavani tells her, “No take-backs.” He reminds Sestia that she is dying, and begins to skip away. Sestia continues to take psychic damage.

Ekon is still stuck in the whirlpool. Nikhil, having faith in Sestia and Malini, rockets toward Seataur. He strikes twice with his lance, using his Divine Smite on both hits, while calling to Murdina, “Do you now get that the fish is bad?” Seataur loses concentration on maintaining the whirlpool.

Lenore casts spirit guardians, which take the form of little fish. She tries to convince Seataur to come meet his “new friends,” but he is drooling over Murdina standing right in front of him. Lenore casts shield of faith on herself.

As Leila’s land mass ever approaches the celestial body before her, she calls to it, “So you deign to respond to me…” The cold, distant feminine face of Sahengaria appears in the star and asserts to Leila that she got what she wanted. The face of Aagshni replaces the first, reminding Leila she was created from Sahengaria’s own finger; every desire has a cost. Nassavani’s face takes over, asking, “But you’re happy, aren’t you?” Leila is happy, but now she cares more about the happiness of others.

She asks what the gods wish for. “We only wished to keep you safe,” says Aagshni. “We just wanted you to survive our falling.” Sahengaria returns to the forefront and confesses that they didn’t realize that Polakott would be put in the path of an older god, one who consumes everything, and with whom they are in an ongoing conflict. They have been distracting this god with the games, allowing him to feed on the energy and laughter, in return eating only the other realms and leaving Polakott alone. Leila offers that she and her companions can face this god in their stead, but that if they win, they each get their wish granted. The gods accept, and Leila is thrust back to the grotto.

Seataur swipes twice at Murdina with its claws, raking deep furrows in her armor, before critically hitting her with its bite. She parries the final blow and remains conscious, the creature’s teeth buried in her shoulder. Murdina grasps the angler lure and hacks it off, and Seataur shrieks as it retreats into the water beyond. Inside the translucent lure is a little cuttlefish; Polodio is safe!

Oh, hewwo! gif

Murdina glares accusingly at Ekon and Nikhil, over their treatment of Polodio. Ekon is already asleep on the floor. Nikhil uncharacteristically apologizes to Murdina and asks if he can do the same for Polodio. He leans in close, whispering to the cuttlefish in Infernal, “I’m onto your ass,” and unleashes a quiet tirade of suspicion. Nikhil then picks up the sleeping Ekon and cheerfully calls to everyone in Common, “I’m glad we all healed here today.” Murdina feels her armor glimmer a bit as some of her guilt over actions in her past melts away, and Kyshaar rushes over to embrace her and Polodio.

While Lenore, Leila, and Murdina sit in the restorative spa, Nikhil returns Ekon to their chambers and sets off to find the mirror that holds Sestia and Malini. He stares into it and is assaulted by a version of himself. He attacks back, but his mirror image calls for a truce. They engage in a battle of wits instead; neither of them wins. Mirror-Nikhil recognizes that the real Nikhil is acting in someone else’s interests rather than his own, and upon learning that this person is Malini, steps aside and lets Nikhil through.

Mirror match gif

…And into the fire

Meanwhile, Sestia is walking with Nassavani, who tells her that he’s been eaten by a god, but that they’re still also locked in battle. Sestia demands to know more, but Nassavani asks her to make a deal first. “I’ll tell you everything I know,” he proffers, “if you bind yourself to me.” Sestia accepts.

Sestia communes with Nassavani’s spirit; she sees a great potter at a wheel, shaping clay to his whim, and from that clay he forms the constellations. Nassavani hints that he can do more for Sestia if she does more for him, but warns her not to let him down. He hands Sestia the tiefling horns he carries, and tells her that Malini needs her help escaping, before ushering her toward a door. (Sestia gains 7 additional levels in the bard class.)

Leila finds herself back in her quarters, which feel darker and less welcoming than before. A woman in painted leather appears to her. “I did the best I could,” the woman speaks, adding, “I’m proud you stood up for yourself, and I hope you win.” Leila asks this woman — Sahengaria — what happens if they lose. She doesn’t know; she only has one vote. Leila and Sahengaria share a sentimental moment before Leila gives the deity some advice: “You should try something new sometime. It’s very freeing, in a lot of ways… Just be.”

Meanwhile, Nikhil arrives in time to see Nassavani handing Malini’s horns to Sestia. Nassavani disappears, and Nikhil and Sestia embrace, during which Nikhil uses Lay on Hands to heal Sestia. He notices something in her has changed. The two step through the doorway to find Malini tinkering in a workshop. When asked by Sestia what she is making, Malini shows her an unfinished shield and lance. Sestia casts guidance, but Malini is still unsure of her work and discards them into a pile of dozens of other unfinished pieces.

Sestia encourages Malini and gestures Nikhil over. Nikhil shows Malini his lance and tells her that she made it for him, pointing to the lotus flower she carved into it. “It’s like a prayer every time I look at it,” Nikhil tells her, “But not to a god. It’s a prayer to you, ‘cause you’re the only thing that’s been looking over me for a long, long time.” He uses his last spell slot to cast cure wounds as he places the broken horns back on Malini’s head. Malini is suddenly aware of where she is.

Sestia picks up a discarded shield that appears to be the most complete. She uses her Performance of Creation to complete the piece. In its newly reflective surface, Malini sees that her horns have reattached, though not seamlessly — where the horns were broken off previously, they have been fused with a golden mortar. Sestia tells Malini that Nikhil is one of her best friends, and asks to be her friend, too. Nikhil and Malini hug. The floor falls away, depositing them back in their quarters as the others return from the spa.

Together ‘til the end

Before the group lies a portal in the shape of a mirror, bathing them in purple light. Harpy appears to usher them through. Sestia asks Harpy if they can have a few minutes to talk amongst the group, but Harpy turns to interview Ekon before this last match, latching onto his brief mention of intra-team affairs. When asked who among the group was an item, Murdina grabs Sestia and kisses her; Ekon says they are all “Team Sesdina” over here. Murdina apologizes to the group for the trouble she dragged them into.

I'm sure you haven't gif

The heroes notice that the entire atmosphere of the competition appears to have changed. Sestia tells them all of her deal with Sahengaria. She apologizes for her part in everything, and specifically to Nikhil and his people; she is an aspect of a god who helped create this place, a convoluted attempt to continue their battle against The Eldritch Devourer. Leila enlisted them into this final battle. “And if we win?” asks Lenore. “I think it’s the last win,” replies Sestia.

Leila thanks Ekon for his help in rediscovering what true ambition should be used for. Lenore confesses that she no longer wants her wish anymore. To her, it seems as though everybody else wants to change a regret, but her regret made her into who she is now. She killed her baby brother to prevent him from being used for political gain by her scheming step-father … But that event is what opened her eyes now to a greater purpose. Sestia hugs Lenore.

Murdina says she is scared of what’s ahead, but if they’re all making this choice together, she can move forward confidently. Everybody agrees to move forward, and they step through the portal.

Together gif

The final test

The six heroes find themselves in a mazelike chamber, where the voices of the gods ring in their ears with the rules of the game: They must find a pennant and return it to a designated location. They roll initiative.

Sestia casts summon beast, which takes the form of a small tiger-shaped constellation, and sends the tiger to the right. She turns to Murdina and tells her, “You got this,” giving her Bardic Inspiration, then heads left. Murdina and Lenore follow Sestia, with Lenore casting motivational speech before they split. Ekon heads to the right.

Nikhil sees a glowing diamond, and walks into it. He finds himself transported elsewhere — separated from his companions — and uses his Channel Divinity Sacred Weapon, before beginning to scream at the top of his lungs.

He casts expeditious retreat and winds his way randomly through the passageways, flying at top speed. A red glowing rune catches his eye in a room ahead, and he wonders aloud, “What would Sestia want me to do?” before hastily plunging ahead into the rune. He finds himself standing in the colossal hands of Aagshni. “Lady of Rebirth,” Nikhil whispers humbly, and bows.

Aagshni asks Nikhil what he fears the most. He says that’s one of many things he doesn’t know: “I’m a new person today, and I feel like I was a new person yesterday, too, and … I don’t know enough about myself to tell you with honesty, my lady, what I’m afraid of.” He explains that a lot of other people need a lot of other things right now, and it’s okay that it’s not about him at the moment. Aagshni tells him that the games were a necessity, and asks whether Nikhil is not born anew because of them. Nikhil asks Aagshni for the favor of granting him the pennant, putting his utmost effort into being formal and respectful in his request. His nose bleeds with the effort.

Charisma gif

Aagshni asks if Nikhil accepts her trial. He agrees. Nikhil drops through Aagshni’s fingers, and the ocean below turns into fire. Nikhil leans into the walls of fire as he passes, a smile plastered on his face while he weeps, and he thinks to himself: “I’m so glad none of my friends got this challenge.” (He — a tiefling — is resistant to fire damage.) He lands heavily on a floor in the chamber and sees before him the pennant.

Leila hears Nikhil’s victorious shout in the distance. She touches the crown at her brow, and radiant wings lift her off the ground as she activates her Ghostly Gaze Eldritch Invocation, allowing her to see through solid objects. She sees Nikhil holding the flag, and telepathically tells this to the others. Leila steps into another glowing red rune, and appears back before The Eldritch Devourer, its massive cosmic body wrapping a tentacle around her neck. Something seems to intercede on her behalf, and she is transported back to the chamber.

Sestia can hear Nikhil’s scream and attempts a blind dimension door to him with Murdina in tow. (She is asked for an Intelligence saving throw, and rolls a natural 20.) Sestia gives her last Bardic Inspiration to Nikhil.

Sestia and Murdina notice a scraping sound in an adjacent hallway, and Nikhil is suddenly overcome with a feeling of overwhelming hopelessness. Nikhil gives up the pennant for fear of messing up, and Murdina takes off in the direction of the sound to head off whatever might be coming their way. She sees nothing but a glowing rune on the floor, and steps into it.

Transported as Nikhil and Leila were, Murdina sees looming over her the giant form of Sahengaria, sharpening her massive sword on a whetstone. “What do you want?” the god asks. Murdina wants to help her friends, whatever it takes — she has to get the flag to the receptacle. “Strike me once, and I’ll put you there,” promises Sahengaria. Murdina draws her sword and charges ahead. Her blade whistles past on the first strike, but she twirls around for a second blow, striking the deity on the shins. Murdina immediately finds herself standing in front of the receptacle.

Lenore runs back toward Ekon to tell him she believes Sestia and Nikhil are together, before disappearing into the same rune Nikhil entered. Ekon says they should aim to split up to better find the pennant, and he enters a different glowing rune, finding himself peering up at the enormous figure of Nassavani. “Excuse me,” he calls, “I’m looking for a pennant!” Nassavani asks what games Ekon knows, and whether he is a gambling man. All Ekon knows is war, and gives a menacing glare. Nassavani is impressed enough to pick him up and drop him next to Sestia and Nikhil.

Ekon inquires about their next move. Nikhil responds, “If Murdina is sensible, she’ll be screaming at the top of her lungs.” Ekon has his doubts.

Not sensible

Leila can see Murdina through the walls, and Nikhil takes off flying in her approximate direction. As he passes a mirror on the wall, the mirror opens a gaping mouth and lashes out at Nikhil with its tongue. Nikhil dodges nimbly out of the way and holds the pennant out for Leila. She grabs the pennant and thunder steps through the wall, placing the hand-shaped flag into the alcove.

The maze disappears, and all six heroes find themselves standing on a shattered piece of land, beneath a grotesque green and purple star. Eldritch tendrils lash out at the fractured island, pulling it towards the gaping eye-like structure at the heart of the celestial body. Sahengaria, Aagshni, and Nassavani appear to congratulate the winners, and inform the six that they will have their wish granted. However, it must be one shared wish between the six. Leila speaks for all of them: “We wish to join the fight.”

“Ooh, a battle for the cosmos! Are we picking teams?” Nassavani asks, delighted. The three gods begin to choose champions, with Nassavani taking Sestia as his own. Sahengaria picks her daughter, Leila, and Aagshni chooses Nikhil, citing that he has grown on her. Nassavani allows fate itself to place Murdina on his team, while Aagshni chooses Ekon — “that warrior who bends flame to his will, just as I do” — leaving Lenore to join Sahengaria and Leila. Lenore is proud to stand by Leila’s side.

“Welcome to the war zone, kiddos,” teases the Lord of Fate.

And so concludes the Battle for Beyond, as the Battle for the Cosmos begins.

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