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Batman and Batgirl’s New Gotham Supervillain Team and Powers, Explained

Batgirls #2 introduces a new team of formidable supervillains into Gotham City with ties to the Magistrate and a deadly, twisted new mission.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Batgirls #2, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Batgirls, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, have just encountered a new team of superpowered enemies: The Saints. Holdovers from the Magistrate’s brief reign over Gotham City, this new team is comprised of extremists who wish to continue and expand upon the mission of the private army.

In Batgirls #2 (by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jorge Corona, Sarah Stern, and Becky Carey), Oracle gave her young proteges a quick summary on each member of the Saints as they fight to bring their brand of military justice to the streets of Gotham, plowing through any who stand in their way.

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Tarsus, the Sadistic Leader of the Saints

The leader of the pack, Tarsus was a monster long before the Magistrate found him, and was already on the C.I.A’s watchlist. According to Oracle, this titan of a man is known for committing heinous war crimes in South America, and she attests to his formidable nature when she advises the Batgirls to not engage him.

Oracle also shared that Tarsus specializes in “enhanced interrogation,” another word for torture. The leader of the Saints apparently enjoys causing pain to others, adding sadism to his list of offenses and suggesting that his war crimes may have revolved around the violation of human rights. Given his size, strength, weaponry, and general love of suffering, Tarsus is by far the most twisted member of the Saints.

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Valentine, the Evil Version of Batman

Next on the roster is the Saints’ only female member, Valentine. Interestingly, Oracle points out that she has a similar origin to that of Batman. Her parents were killed by criminals in Gotham City, but unlike the Dark Knight, she came to believe that only militarized order would bring peace to the city. In short, Valentine is the concept of Batman taken to a dangerous and villainous extreme.

Adding to her lethal nature, Valentine is a master of urban combat. She can take whatever is on hand and turn it into a deadly weapon, even being capable of using the Batgirls’ gear against them. Her fighting style appears to be a reflection of her beliefs, as she has mastered her environment in the same way that she wants to master Gotham City.

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Assisi, the Mysterious Assassin

The most mysterious member of the Saints by far, Assisi’s background is largely unknown, even to Oracle. Assisi seems to specialize as a distance fighter, observing the battle from afar before taking the best course of action. What little Oracle did turn up on him revealed that he used to work for S.T.A.R. Labs before being fired for “violation of company policy.”

It seems that Assisi was more than just some disgruntled employee however. During his time with the Magistrate, he led their robotics division, meaning most of the Magistrate’s weaponry was conceived under his watch, perhaps even solely by him. This not only makes Assisi a genius, but also a man of extremely dangerous talents who specializes in striking from the shadows before he is even seen.

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