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5 Shinobi Might Guy Would Train (& 5 He’d Never Consider)

Capable of opening and surviving the Eight Gates, Might Guy was the strongest taijutsu user in the Naruto universe. As a Jonin of the Leaf, he also trained students he felt could take the most from his teachings, even going as far as to risk his life for them.

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He is devoted to concepts like optimism, hard work, direct confrontation, and the power of youth. By identifying the shinobi he would train and contrasting them with those he’d turn away, we can better glean his priorities both as a shinobi and as a person.

10 Would Train: Rock Lee Is Might Guy’s Favorite Student

Rock Lee giving thumbs up

The similarities between Might Guy and Rock Lee are uncanny, from their can-do attitudes to their fervent reliance on taijutsu. Both shinobi even dress the same way and have identical haircuts.

Throughout the series, Might Guy expressed a preference for Lee over his other students. When Lee was scared of a surgery that could end in death, Guy said that if he died, he would die too. This gave Lee a tremendous amount of comfort and the courage to finish the operation. Fortunately, it was a success.

9 Refuse: Omoi Doesn’t Share Might Guy’s Energy

Omoi was a shinobi from the Cloud Village who displayed merit in the Fourth Shinobi War. He was dedicated to his teacher, as seen when tracking down Naruto in Konoha in order to discover his whereabouts.

However, he lacks Karui’s conviction and energy to embrace challenges. Although Omoi and Guy would be compatible friends, it’s inevitable that they would become frustrated with their vastly different approaches to training. Omoi couldn’t keep up with Guy’s rigorous routine and inexhaustible yearning for improvement.

8 Would Train: Haku Has Qualities That Might Guy Would Admire

1 haku of yuki clan

Although Haku was an enemy of the Leaf, he possesses qualities that Might Guy would find admirable. Throughout his short life, the man displayed an unwavering devotion to Zabuza, even going as far as to surrender his life on his behalf.

His projectile-based kekkei genkai might be off-putting at first, but Guy is familiar with training medium to long-ranged shinobi (as proven through his time with Tenten). Should Haku have ever considered joining the Leaf, Guy would embrace him with open arms and begin their training as soon as possible.

7 Refuse: Jirobo Has Decent Taijutsu But Is Too Cruel For Guy’s Tastes

Jirobo of the sound four

At first, it might seem as if Jirobo would be a perfect student for Guy. He is an excellent taijutsu fighter and strong enough to stop Choji’s human boulder with his bare hands. With enough practice, he could be transformed into a force of nature.

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However, there are a number of reasons they are incompatible. In addition to being a member of the Sound Village, Jirobo delights in berating those who are weaker than him. He would start fights with Guy’s other students, ruining the atmosphere of positivity and eventually getting him removed from training.

6 Would Train: Choji Has The Spirit Of A Champion

choji downtrodden from naruto

As a melee-based taijutsu fighter, Choji would be an excellent pick for Might Guy to train. He is kind, dependable, and loyal to his sensei. Moreover, his variety of expansion techniques would make the most of Guy’s lessons.

The only issues Guy might have with Choji are his subpar diet and insatiable lust for food. However, he’d likely allow Choji to eat what he wants with the understanding that his excess weight fuels stronger jutsu.

5 Refuse: Ino Isn’t Cut Out For Guy’s Routines

ino slight smile from naruto

Although Ino may be a strong asset to the Leaf, she has virtually nothing else to bond with Guy over. She has low discipline, is inordinately sassy, and possesses virtually no taijutsu skill whatsoever.

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To make matters worse, she is cowardly and unwilling to fight unless she knows she can win. This was proven during the Forest of Death, where she was unwilling to stop Team Dosu from attacking Team Seven without Shikamaru’s prompting. In the end, Ino’s values are too different from Guy’s to make her a viable student regardless of her allegiances.

4 Would Train: Guy Would Admire Shisui’s Commitment & Loyalty

Shisui has demonstrated incredible commitment and loyalty throughout his short life. He was willing to cast a genjutsu on his own clan for the sake of his village and even died rather than relinquish his remaining sharingan to Danzo.

Might Guy would immediately acknowledge Shisui’s potential and offer a place on his team as soon as feasibly possible. Should his taijutsu mastery be combined with the power of the sharingan, his student would become a defender of Konoha great enough to rival Naruto or Sasuke.

3 Refuse: Kankuro Has Nothing To Learn From Guy

Kankuro in the 4th Great Ninja War as a soldier.

Although Kankuro made up for his previous cruelty through the Sasuke retrieval mission, he still wouldn’t be a good match for Might Guy. In addition to his flat and hard-headed personality, their jutsu styles are incompatible.

Since Kankuro uses his hands to control his puppets, the only way he could actually use Guy’s teachings is in close quarters to defend himself. Considering the serious demands placed on him in order to achieve such a minimal advantage, Kankuro would decline Guy’s offer and instead focus on honing his own craft as the world’s greatest puppet master.

2 Would Train: Guy Would Love Naruto’s Enthusiasm

naruto peace sign

Guy would quickly find himself endeared to Naruto. The youth’s enthusiasm to train was so great that he even wore down Master Jiraiya. He is eager to fulfill his dream and to protect the Leaf, both qualities that would further earn his new sensei’s favor.

Learning Guy’s taijutsu would have substantial results. It entails that Naruto’s shadow clones would individually be more formidable, making the army he summons in combat almost impossible to defeat. The only problem with choosing Guy over Jiraiya is that he would not learn toad summonings, Sage mode, or the rasengan.

1 Refuse: Kabuto Looks For Too Many Shortcuts To Power

As an experienced medical ninja with a deadly melee jutsu, Kabuto would benefit from Might Guy’s teachings. However, he’s far too conniving to be trusted, and he doesn’t possess the qualities his sensei is looking for.

Kabuto prefers to cheat his way into power through scientific research and augmentations. Even if Guy was willing to recruit him, Kabuto would quickly tire of his training regiment and retreat into Lord Orochimaru’s notes. To Kabuto’s credit, he became so formidable on his own that even Itachi struggled to defeat him.

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