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5 Reasons It’s The Best Craig Bond Film (& 5 It’s Still Skyfall)

While fans will continue to pit Skyfall against No Time To Die, other fans are left wondering who will be the next 007.

The Daniel Craig era as James Bond has come to an end and fans are looking back over the actor’s time as 007. Most people would agree that Skyfall is Craig’s best outing as the famous secret agent, but No Time To Die has a lot of fans rethinking that decision.

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The latest entry into the franchise has both fans and critics very pleased with Craig’s swan song on the series. While fans will continue to pit Skyfall against No Time To Die, other fans are left wondering who will be the next 007.

10 Skyfall: It Was Craig’s First True Bond Film


While Skyfall is the third of the Daniel Craig films, many viewers consider it to be his first true Bond film. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are both more action films and, for the most part, leave the espionage out of it.

Skyfall and its subsequent sequels dive deeper into the spy thriller genre and it provided a big boost for the franchise.

9 No Time To Die: Closed Out The Chapter Well

No Time To Die is the end of the Daniel Craig era and fans are sad to see him leave the iconic role. It can be difficult to close out a series, and many films and shows have encountered this issue.

No Time To Die was able to provide a satisfying conclusion to the current run of films. It was able to give Craig a fantastic final film and still give a definitive close to his time as the character.

8 Skyfall: Established A New Status Quo

Daniel Craig Poses In The Bond Barrel In Skyfall

There is no doubt that Daniel Craig’s time as Bond has changed the 007 franchise forever. Skyfall helped in a big way to establish those changes and create a new status quo.

It was the first film to really blend Sean Connery’s style with new threats and modern technology. Skyfall quickly became the gold standard for all 007 films moving forward.

7 No Time To Die: Gave Bond Deeper Connections

Bond and Madeleine No Time To Die

One of the 007 franchise’s biggest faults is Bond’s womanizing ways. While this has always been a part of the character, No Time to Die decided to veer away from that aspect of him and it worked out for the better.

By giving Bond a much deeper connection with the people in his life, especially Madeleine and his friendship with Moneypenny, allowed him to be a more fully developed character.

6 Skyfall: Gave The Era A Dose Of Nostalgia & Fun

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace had very serious tones and veered away from the more fun aspects of the franchise.

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Skyfall took a different approach and brought back a lot of nostalgia and fun. It reintroduced the Q-branch and with it new gadgets. It even brought back the classic Aston Martin, complete with an ejector seat. These small touches helped elevate the entire film and made it truly feel like a classic 007 movie.

5 No Time To Die: Has The Best Action Sequences In The Franchise

No Time to Die Daniel Craig

No Time to Die exceeded every other Bond movie with its action sequences. From car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and gunplay, each sequence was beautifully choreographed and performed.

The movie delivered the James Bond vibes but with John Wick’s action stylings. It was a perfect combination and played out wonderfully on the big screen.

4 Skyfall: Gave A Fitting Goodbye To Judi Dench

Judi Dench played M, the head of MI6, from 1995 until Skyfall. She was a staple of the franchise and she was the only actor carried over from the previous Bond movies to the Craig Era. She was a massive presence on the scene for the series and it must have been a big prospect to close out her story.

Skyfall was able to give her a meaningful final appearance in the series while still successfully transitioning to her successor.

3 No Time To Die: Has The Best Cars & Gadgets

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time to Die

No Time To Die did the history of Bond cars and gadgets justice. From dual mini-guns and smoke coming out of the Aston Martin to exploding eyes with EMP watches, Q and his inventions were on full display.

This made a lot of fans happy because the cool cars and Q’s gadgets are such massive staples of the franchise, it was good to see them get their due.

2 Skyfall: Adapted To The Modern Era

Skyfall really brought Bond into the Modern Era. It developed a plot that was based around revenge and where Bond was still relevant.

These themes carried over into Spectre and really defined these two films. Skyfall worked hard to update James Bond, show that he was still relevant, appeal to old fans, and bring in new ones.

1 No Time To Die: Gave 007 More To Fight For

Bond and madeleine

In No Time To Die, James Bond became a family man. James and Madeleine left their old lives behind in an attempt to forge a new destiny together. This was obviously interrupted by guns and suspicion.

When they finally met back up, Bond discovered that he had a daughter. This was one of Bond’s driving forces for the rest of the movie. He fought to protect his daughter and even the way he interacted with the movie villain was altered by the presence of his daughter.

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