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10 Times MJ Was Spider-Man’s Best Girlfriend

Fans have been waiting for the moment when Peter Parker would return to his long-time girlfriend and former wife Mary Jane Watson, which has been slowly building across Nick Spencer’s run of Amazing Spider-Man after years spent separated thanks to the controversial events of One More Day.

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Amazing Spider-Man #74 sees Spider-Man and Mary Jane swing off into the sunset together after months of suffering and danger in what is sure to be fondly remembered as one of their best moments. Spider-Man has told Mary Jane many times that she completes him, and she has proven to him and fans many times over the years just why she is Spider-Man’s best girlfriend.

10 Helped Peter Parker Cope And Recover From The Loss Of Gwen Stacy

MJ comforting Peter after Gwen's death and understanding his mourning when they were married

While Peter Parker and Mary Jane briefly dated after their iconic first meeting, they quickly separated and Peter found a new love in Gwen Stacy while MJ briefly dated Harry Osborn. The death of Gwen Stacy at the hands of the Green Goblin threatened to drown Peter Parker in misery, but Mary Jane stayed by his side to help deal with the loss, even when he was being rude to her.

She continued to be understanding of his love for Gwen even after they officially got together, giving Peter the time to grieve while also helping teach him how to love again. She also supported Peter’s yearly remembrance of Gwen and even asked him to tell Gwen that she missed her too in one of Spider-Man: Blue‘s most touching moments.

9 Modeled For Him To Help With His Photography Skills

Mary Jane modeling for Peter to practice his photography

Spider-Man moved through quite a few jobs over the years, though one of his most frequent was as the Daily Bugle’s photographer due to his success with taking pictures of Spider-Man. However, when he was forced to make a living taking pictures of anything but Spider-Man, his confidence shattered and he began struggling with depression.

Mary Jane, who had spent years working as a model, offered to help by letting him take pictures of her. When his depression continued, she lifted his spirits by offering to take some risque photos for their private collection. Mary Jane was always eager to help her husband, ranging from normal couple issues like career problems to the larger superhero difficulties they faced.

8 Stayed With Peter Throughout The Clone Saga’s Rollercoaster Ride

Spider-Man and MJ hugging during the Clone Saga

The Clone Saga introduced quite a few highs and lows for both Peter Parker and Mary Jane, as Jackal’s manipulations broke the hero down and made him doubt his own existence when it was revealed that Peter Parker was the clone, and Ben Reilly was the real Spider-Man.

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This was later revealed to be another lie, but none of the revelations caused Mary Jane to doubt her love for the man she married. Even when Peter attempted to kill her due to a hypnotic implant from The Jackal or when he accidentally struck her, she remained by his side. The two even suffered the terrible loss of their baby, though they were able to overcome it together.

7 Helped Him Design New Superhero Costumes During Identity Crisis

Mary Jane making new costumes for Spider-Man's Identity Crisis split image

When Spider-Man was framed for murder, Norman Osborn put up a hefty reward for his capture that brought out a number of mercenaries who were all targeting the web-slinger which forced him to quit going out in costume. However, he couldn’t stop helping people so Mary Jane gave him the idea to create a new costumed identity.

They went above and beyond and created four brand-new identities. Mary Jane helped design and create some of the costumes for his new heroic and villainous identities named Prodigy, Ricochet, Hornet (with help from Hobie Brown), and Dusk (which was actually a costume Peter got from the Negative Zone).

6 Refused To Give Up Spider-Man’s Location To S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

MJ baiting a SHIELD agent to arrest her after Civil War

Spider-Man’s public reveal of his identity during the superhero Civil War followed by his break away from Iron Man and the pro-Registration forces made him a wanted man, which also brought MJ and his Aunt May into the crosshairs of the law.

When a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent from MJ’s past found her, he threatened her with jail time for treason unless she gave up her husband. MJ instead stalled the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent until she could contact Spider-Man, who managed to free her and escape before they shared a tender moment at the highest point in New York City.

5 Agreed To Sacrifice Their Marriage To Save Spider-Man’s Aunt May

MJ agreeing to Mephisto's deal in One More Day

The fallout from Civil War brought tragedy to the Parker family, as the beloved Aunt May was shot by a sniper’s bullet that was intended for Spider-Man while they were all on the run together. Spider-Man did everything he could to save her life, including asking Doctor Strange for mystical assistance, but she was fading fast in the hospital.

Spider-Man did the unthinkable and attempted to bargain with Mephisto to save her life. Mephisto agreed, though he wanted Peter and MJ’s marriage instead of Spider-Man’s soul. Peter was traumatized and unable to make the decision, so Mary Jane stepped forward and sacrificed their love so Peter wouldn’t have to live without the woman who raised him.

4 Convinced Peter Parker To Be The Real Hero During Spider-Island

Mary Jane wall-carwling during the Spider-Island event

While Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage had been erased from continuity by Mephisto, she eventually returned to his life as one of his best friends and one of the few people who continued to know his secret identity as Spider-Man. When the Spider-Island virus gave normal citizens Spider-Man’s powers, he was blamed for the incident which made it hard to help people.

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She convinced him to go out as Peter Parker since everybody else had powers too, and be a leader for those who needed one because she believed in his ability to help people even without his mask. They weren’t actually dating at this time, but her continued faith in him served to help inspire him to make the right decisions when he was stressed out.

3 Wore The Iron Spider Armor To Save Spider-Man From Regent

Mary Jane as Iron Spider saving Spider-Man from Regent

Peter and MJ slowly began to find each other again when she moved back to New York after some time away, though she was still walking her own path and had taken a job with Tony Stark to help run Stark Industries. When both Spider-Man and Iron Man were defeated and captured by the power-stealing villain known as Regent, Mary Jane jumped into danger.

She put on Peter’s old Iron Spider armor that was created by Stark. While the suit amped her up, she still attacked Regent without any powers of her own in order to free the captive heroes. Both Peter and MJ had feelings of familiarity due to their Secret Wars alternate selves who had also battled Regent as crime-fighting parents in what became the Renew Your Vows reality.

2 Helped Save Spider-Man And The Order Of The Web From Kindred

MJ crashing Kindred's dinner party

Spider-Man dealt with a demonic new villain known as Kindred who plagued him in both his superhero and civilian identities. Kindred was also able to take control of some of Spider-Man’s allies who had formed together to become the Order of the Web.

They were all captured by Kindred and forced to sit through a hellish dinner party, which was eventually crashed by Mary Jane. She had made a secret plan with Norman Osborn and the Kingpin who wanted to capture Kindred. Mary Jane was able to manipulate Kindred through their shared history and helped free Spider-Man and the Order of the Web.

1 Dug Spider-Man Out From Underneath Rubble After His Battle With Kindred

Mary Jane digging Spider-Man out from under a fallen building

Kindred was able to manipulate Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, and other members of the various versions of the Sinister Six into taking part in “The Sinister War.” After facing off with Spider-Man, they eventually turned on Kindred who then had a final battle with the wall-crawler.

After their climactic final battle brought the building down around them, Spider-Man was trapped and left for dead. Thankfully Mary Jane never gave up on her man, and she dug through the rubble in order to save Spider-Man’s life, cementing herself in place as his best girlfriend.

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