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10 Strongest Marvel Characters Who Still Can’t Beat Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. While he’s often outclassed by the foes he fights, he’s always managed to come out on top or, barring that, got out of the fight in one piece. While one can chalk this up to his spider-sense and agility, the biggest reason is his never-say-die attitude. Spider-Man never gives up, no matter what the odds.

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He’s battled some very potent foes over the years, both heroes and villains, but has always managed to stay one step ahead of them. There are some very tough people who have never been able to beat Spider-Man, no matter how hard they tried.

10 Wolverine And Spider-Man Have Fought A Lot, And Spider-Man has the Advantage

Wolverine and Spider-Man were once at each other’s throats constantly, but that changed after joining the Avengers. The two heroes became the best of friends, but that doesn’t really change how much they fought over the years. In all of those fights, Wolverine has never been able to beat the Wall-Crawler, with Spider-Man taking him down several times.

Wolverine has gotten closer to beating Spider-Man in more recent years, but those fights have ended because of extenuating circumstances. So, while he’s gotten better at fighting Spider-Man, Wolverine still has never actually beaten him.

9 Rhino Wishes He Could He Beat Spider-Man

Marvel Rhino Extreme Transformed Rampage

On paper, Rhino should destroy Spider-Man. He’s a guy who fights it out with the Hulk, and as strong as Spider-Man is, he can’t really hurt Rhino at all. Unfortunately for the villain, he’s never been able to capitalize on his superiority. Spider-Man’s agility and smarts always win the day for him, as he’s able to outwit his foe easily.

As strong as Rhino is, he’s pretty dumb, and that’s made all the difference. Spider-Man eats guys like him for breakfast. He’s quick on his feet, but most importantly, he’s quick thinking. This has allowed him to make short work of Rhino every time.

8 The Lizard Has Gotten Close, But That Wasn’t Enough To Beat Spider-Man

The Lizard Curt Conners Spider-Man

The Lizard is one of Spider-Man’s more tragic foes. Dr. Curt Connors not only wanted to grow his arm back using lizard DNA but also to help others. Of course, it didn’t work, and he’s struggled with becoming the Lizard for a long time. He and Spider-Man have clashed many times, and every time, the Lizard has come up short.

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The Lizard is a potent foe, his bestial strength greater than that of Spider-Man’s. However, like many other foes, Lizard has found it impossible to take down the Wall-Crawler, who is always one step ahead of him.

7 Morlun Killed Spider-Man, But He Got Better

Morlun and Spider-Man

Spider-Man fights many scary villains, and Morlun is one of the most frightening. In fact, Morlun managed to kill Spider-Man at one point. One would assume that this means that Morlun beat Spidey, but this wasn’t the case. Spider-Man came back, more spider-like than ever, and took Morlun out, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Morlun and Spider-Man have clashed many times, and Morlun has never won. While he’s killed other Spider-Men from around the Multiverse, he’s never taken down the 616 version of Peter Parker and kept him down no matter how hard he tried.

6 Carnage May Have A Large Body Count, But He’s Never Gotten Close To Adding Spider-Man To That Number

Marvel's new symbiote on the cover of Carnage 1 by Kendrik Kunkka Lim

Carnage is Spider-Man’s most terrifying villain. A monstrous serial killer, the Klyntar symbiote he has allowed him to rack up a massive body count. Standing in his way has always been Spider-Man, who has a long and storied history of fighting symbiote powered villains. While he’s often needed help against Carnage, he’s never lost to the villain.

Carnage is all about killing, so if he had beat Spidey, he’d be dead. While Carnage’s symbiote isn’t weak to all of the same things other symbiotes are, Spider-Man knows how to beat Carnage, and with help, he can pull it off.

5 Try As He Might, Green Goblin Cannot Beat Spider-Man

green goblin

Green Goblin and Spider-Man have been battling it out for years. Their rivalry is legendary. Norman Osborn hates Peter Parker with a burning passion, and Parker can never forgive Osborn for his role in the death of Gwen Stacy. The two are basically locked in a death spiral, constantly warring to see which one wins and which one loses.

Green Goblin would love nothing more than to beat Spider-Man, but he can’t. The two have been at each other’s throats for a very long time; Spider-Man understands how to battle his foe, but Green Goblin never learns. That’s the simplest reason why he will never beat Spider-Man: Green Goblin keeps making the same mistakes.

4 Colossus Can’t Beat Spider-Man

Colossus is one of the most powerful members of his family, but he’s never been able to beat Spider-Man. The two haven’t clashed very often; the first time was during the first Secret Wars when Spider-Man defeated Colossus and the X-Men entirely on his own. They wouldn’t battle again until Colossus had the Phoenix Force in Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Spider-Man stayed behind in a delaying action against the Phoenix-powered Colossus and Magik on a mission. They beat him within an inch of his life, but he kept fighting, eventually tricking them into beating each other. Even with godlike power, Colossus still couldn’t beat Spider-Man.

3 Spider-Man Showed Juggernaut A Thing Or Two

Cain marko Juggernaut X-Men

Spider-Man has fought some dangerous villains, but few were at the level of the Juggernaut. Juggernaut is one of the most potent combatants out there. He’s able to hold his own against teams of heroes, has knocked out the Hulk, and, thanks to the blessing of the dark god Cyttorak, is unstoppable once he starts running. Spider-Man’s defeat of Juggernaut showed just what he is made of.

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Juggernaut outclassed Spider-Man in every way, and Spider-Man could barely affect him. As usually happens in battles like those, Spider-Man used his brain. He tricked Juggernaut into a deep pool of cement, stopping him from moving. It was one of the more impressive wins of Spider-Man’s career.

2 Iron Man Has Never Been Able To Beat Spider-Man

Iron Man Anthony Stark

Iron Man should be able to beat just about anyone. He’s smarter than nearly every hero out there, his armors are rather powerful, and he has a lot of experience. In fact, reading the tale of the tape between him and Spider-Man shows that he should easily take down the Wall-Crawler. However, he’s never been able to do so.

When it comes right down to it, Spider-Man is just too good for Iron Man. Iron Man depends more on his technology than anything else and can’t really stand up to Spider-Man’s sheer skill. He’s definitely smarter than Spider-Man, but he’s not a better fighter, which has made all the difference in their battles.

1 The Best The Hulk Can Manage Against Spider-Man Is A Draw

The Hulk is one of the most dangerous heroes to fight, but Spider-Man has spared himself the fate of nearly every other hero Hulk has fought. The Hulk vastly outclasses Spider-Man when it comes to strength, but he can’t match Spider-Man’s speed. Factor spider-sense into the equation, and there’s no way for Hulk to win the fight.

Hulk and Spider-Man have clashed plenty over the years, and Hulk has never beaten Spider-Man. That said, Spider-Man has never beaten Hulk either. The best either hero has ever managed against the other was a draw.

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