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10 Powerful Trainers In The Anime Who Should Be Nerfed

There are many powerful trainers featured in Pokémon’s anime adaptation. These powerful trainers often took the form of Champions, rivals, and Gym Leaders.

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However, many fans agree that some trainers are far too powerful for their good and should be realistically weaker than they currently are. This could be due to them having too many Legendary Pokémon, their regular Pokémon having moves that they should not be able to have when compared to the game versions, and their Pokémon just being too powerful compared to Ash and others’ Pokémon in comparison from the start.

10 Tobias Was Extremely Overpowered By Having A Darkrai And A Latios

Tobias Darkrai Legendary Pokemon

Tobias seemingly came out of nowhere in the anime, as he was not introduced until Sinnoh’s Lily of the Valley Conference. In the episode “The Semi-Final Frontier,” he single-handedly beat all of Ash’s Pokémon in the semi-finals by first using Darkrai to knock out three of Ash’s Pokémon, and then using Latios to defeat the rest.

Considering how hard Ash fought against his rival Paul just before this battle, many fans were disappointed that Ash lost to a trainer that barely had any screentime compared to everyone else he faced in Sinnoh. Other viewers pointed out that having two Legendary Pokémon on the team was unfair, considering that they were extremely powerful compared to regular Pokémon, and it would be a less one-sided battle if Tobias had regular Pokémon instead.

9 Leon Is Currently The Undefeatable Champion And Has An Overpowered Charizard

Leon has a huge reputation as the Undefeatable Champion both in the games and the anime adaptation. Even though he is not entirely undefeatable, considering how hard he fought against Eternatus and failed to capture it himself, he is currently the World Champion and has not lost any other battles in the series yet.

Additionally, his Charizard was incredibly powerful and easily knocked out many opponents, save for Eternatus since it was an extremely powerful Legendary Pokémon as is. Even though Ash would have a long way to go before officially battling Leon regardless, fans thought that Leon’s Charizard was a tad too powerful and needed to be less speedy.

8 Cynthia Has An Undefeatable Garchomp

Cynthia holds out her arm

Sinnoh Champion Cynthia and her Garchomp are an iconic duo in the anime adaptation. Even though she already had a reputation of being hard to beat in the games, she is also seemingly undefeatable in the anime adaptation. Her Garchomp easily tore through most of Paul’s Pokémon and sustained little damage except Paul’s Torterra. Even then, Paul’s Torterra also fell to Garchomp.

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Considering that she was so powerful that she could take out one of Ash’s most difficult rivals at the time, anyone trying to beat Cynthia would have an extremely hard time defeating her. Her team is mainly composed of tough Pokémon overall, so the only way to weaken her skills is for Ash to either get much stronger than her by miles or she slacks off on highly unlikely training.

7 Pokémon Hunter J Had An Incredibly Overpowered Salamence

Pokemon anime - Hunter J

The infamous Pokémon Hunter J had an incredibly overpowered Salamence. Considering her line of work as a Pokémon Hunter with stealing Pokémon and selling them at high prices to clients, this should not be a huge surprise. However, despite its large size, it was rarely hit by its opponents’ attacks and was also extremely speedy.

It also had a Flamethrower powerful enough to set a whole forest on fire, which realistically would not happen so quickly. Fans were relieved when J’s ship went down after being hit by two Future Sight attacks, resulting in her and Salamence no longer appearing.

6 Chairman Rose’s Pokémon Were Incredibly Overpowered

Though Chairman Rose’s Steel-type Pokémon had a glaring weakness fighting Fire-type Pokémon in the games, his Pokémon were much more powerful in the anime adaptation. Even if it was already an uneven matchup with Ash sending out the unevolved Riolu and Pikachu against Ferrothorn and Copperajah, it did not take away from the fact that Pikachu previously defeated already-evolved Pokémon more easily.

Both of Rose’s Pokémon even managed to take Pikachu out of the fight, forcing Riolu to do the rest of the work itself. If it was not for Riolu even evolving into Lucario at the time, it would be crushed by Ferrothorn and Copperajah.

5 Jeanette’s Bellsprout Was Extremely Overpowered For Being An Unevolved Pokémon

Jeanette Bellsprout

Jeanette faced off against Ash’s Pikachu with her Bellsprout and shockingly won, creating one of Pikachu’s worst defeats. Considering that Bellsprout is a weaker Grass-type Pokémon, however, this revelation stunned many viewers at the time.

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Even though Ash’s Muk quickly defeated Bellsprout afterward, fans argued that Bellsprout was a fairly weak, unevolved Pokémon. Even if it did have the type advantage over Pikachu, it should not have won as easily as it did, especially with it simply tapping Pikachu over the head and knocking it out instantly.

4 Sabrina Was Extremely Overpowered, Even If She Was The First Psychic-Type Gym Leader

Many fans disliked Sabrina in the anime adaptation, mainly because she was extremely too powerful for anyone to defeat. The only way she was “beaten” in the end was thanks to Haunter making her laugh. Before then, however, Sabrina perfected her psychic powers so well that her Kadabra could easily beat Pikachu. It also did not help that Sabrina could just turn her opponents into dolls if she wanted to, which Brock and Misty suffered briefly before they were eventually turned back to normal.

Even if Sabrina was the first Psychic-type Gym Leader, many viewers pointed out that no ordinary trainer would stand a chance against her because of her enhanced psychic abilities.

3 Alain Had An Extremely Overpowered Charizard From His Debut Onwards

Alain first appeared with a powerful Charizard that easily beat Ash and Pikachu in a friendly battle. When they battled each other by the time of the final round of the Luminose Conference, however, Alain still easily succeeded in beating Ash despite Ash’s growth since their first meeting.

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Many fans also pointed out that Alain had a powerful team composed of a Weavile, Tyranitar, Bisharp, Metagross, and an Unfezant other than just Charizard. When this team was pitted against Ash’s team at the time, it seemed too obvious that Ash would lose. The only way to make Alain weaker as a trainer would be to either switch out some of his party with a few weaker Pokémon or at least make Charizard less powerful than it was.

2 Lance’s Powerful Dragonite Had A Move It Could Not Learn In The Games

Lance is the Champion of the Johto region and a member of the Elite Four in Kanto. He additionally became the runner-up in the World Coronation series after losing a battle against Leon. Despite his brief appearances in the anime compared to others on this list, Lance has an incredibly powerful Dragonite that used six attacks during its run so far.

This variety of moves included Whirlwind, a move that technically cannot be learned by Dragonite in the games. Fans thought that Dragonite’s ability to use this move was making it more powerful than it should be.

1 Whitney Had An Extremely Powerful Miltank

Even though Whitney was one of the Gym Leaders and not a Champion or even part of the Elite Four, Whitney had an incredibly powerful Miltank that knocked out Ash’s Pokémon. Even though the rest of Whitney’s team initially lost to Ash, Miltank immediately turned the battle around for her after it knocked out all three of Ash’s Pokémon.

It took Ash strategizing to have Totodile and Cyndaquil slow down Whitney’s Miltank before Pikachu finally knocked it out, but it did not take away from how powerful Whitney’s Miltank was otherwise. Fans argued that it would make more sense if the rest of Whitney’s team was at a more equal level with Miltank, considering Whitney’s status as Gym Leader, or that Miltank should be made less powerful realistically.

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