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10 Pokémon That Make Great D&D Bosses

The beautiful thing about Dungeons and Dragons is that it is so open. Just about anything can be converted to a campaign or used as inspiration for new homebrews, including games, movies, or even real-life events.

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Pokémon is chock full of monsters that can easily make for enemies in D&D, though some make for better bosses than simple random encounters.

10 Tyranitar Is Capable Of Destroying Mountains

Tyranitar has the bonus of already vaguely looking like a monster that might be found in the “Monster Manual.” Tyranitar a giant dinosaur-like fantasy creature with massive power, enough that its Pokédex entry suggests it can terraform mountains.

In a game with tons of dragons and various other megafaunas, a Tyranitar isn’t out of place, even with its Sand Stream ability. Tyranitar is definitely not something to throw at an inexperienced party.

9 Flygon Would Definitely Wreck A Desert Campaign

Flygon uses sandstorm

There are already some desert dragons within Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for more. Flygon is a fan-favorite Pokémon capable of some incredible moves despite the fact it’s not even a pseudo-legendary.

It’s the source of sand storms and can be quite vicious. Flygon also has one killer design, making it all the more wonderful for a tough fight against some desert adventurers wandering where they shouldn’t be.

8 Goomy, Sliggoo, & Goodra Could Be Serious Nightmares

pokemon goomy sliggoo goodra

The Goomy line might look cute, but they are some horrifying dragons. To start, they need to eat a ton and use their bodies’ own mucus to dissolve prey. Sliggoo is so food-motivated that it will try to eat literally everything, including friends.

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A pack of these monstrosities would be a serious nightmare with at least one Goodra ready to finish off the job. The Goodra line is definitely a hard boss fight, no matter how it’s sliced.

7 Very Little Beats An Angry Gyarados

In the Pokémon world, Gyarados is one of those monsters to not mess around with. It’s a huge water serpent full of rage and extreme power, so taming one is a huge feat in and of itself.

While Gyarados might not be the most powerful creature in its own world, that doesn’t mean one adapted for D&D wouldn’t be. Just imagine an angry water dragon ready to wreck its surroundings, and pit that against players too close to the water for its comfort.

6 Steelix Would Be Horrifying To Find In A Cave

pokemon steelix

Part of the full Dungeons and Dragons experience is going dungeon crawling and finding some of the weirdest puzzles, traps, and loot possible. There are always some funky monsters about, so a Steelix wouldn’t be out of place.

It’s a massive creature made out of steel that burrows through the ground searching for minerals to eat. Steelix could be building that next dungeon crawl by burrowing and would want to chew on that shiny armor the party is wearing.

5 Darkrai Is A Haunting Prospect


Darkrai had its own movie which showed that it wasn’t a creature with much in the way of malicious intent. However, it does control nightmares and plunges those around it into horrible night terrors regardless of what it wants. A creature with such abilities could make for an extremely surreal campaign. Darkrai can also slip between the shadows and render its victims comatose, which could be one brilliant plot hook.

4 Arceus Is A God

Close-up of Arceus' face Pokémon

Not everyone needs simple bosses. Some players are out to destroy the gods and claim the title for their own. What better creature to give them but the god of all Pokémon?

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Arceus is such a powerhouse that it can change its typing with the use of tablets, which gives it a massive range of attacks. Not only that, it has been known to attack the world around it at just a hairline trigger, making this Pokémon perfect for a high-level boss.

3 Yveltal Would Be One Painful Fight

Yveltal is a massive bird of destruction that Lysander tried to use to bring about the end times. It is essentially the being of Death in its world to go along with Xerneas, the being of Life. This creature is a bad omen with very little ambition other than to destroy. Due to its ability to fly, Yveltal could make for an extremely difficult battle for those who are grounded. Its extreme destructive tendencies make Yveltal a great option for players bored of fighting the usual dragons and demons.

2 Imagine Giratina In A Plane-Hopping Campaign

Pokemon Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Dungeons and Dragons has a massive multiverse complete with multiple planes of existence. Pokémon also has different dimensions and timelines, one of which is the Distortion World. The Distortion World is a lot like a blend of the Astral and Ethereal Planes from D&D, so Giratina could be an extremely powerful draconic foe for players who are hopping about planes. Giratina’s ghostly dragon design isn’t too out of place in the world of D&D.

1 The Regis Are Practically Golems Anyway

The Regi group in Pokémon are massive sentinels made out of different elemental forces, much like the various golems and elementals in D&D. Converting the Regis to monsters would not be too much of a leap. Using the Regis as a template could give D&D golems some more personality, or give them a place in the world beyond just constructed servants. Regigigas especially would make for an ultimate golem fight.

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