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10 Must-Read Shonen Manhwa For Fans Of Fairy Tail

The shonen genre is one of the most popular and successful genres of both anime and manga. This genre is designed to inspire young audiences and portray positive and encouraging traits… even though many of the protagonists can be quite silly and headstrong.

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One such shonen manga that is quite popular is Fairy Tail, as it has interesting and lovable characters, unique storylines, and many laugh-out-loud moments. Even though the shonen genre isn’t found in manhwa (Korean comics), there are still many manhwa that contain shonen-like elements that fans of Fairy Tail would enjoy.

10 Kim Roksu Is Transported Into A Novel As A Lousy Minor Villain Who Gets Beaten Up By The Hero (Lout Of Count’s Family)

Lout Of The Count’s Family

Lout of Count’s Family is an action, adventure, and comedy by the creators, Ryeohan Yu and Pan4. In this series, Kim Roksu is transported into a novel that he was reading as one of the minor villains just before the hero is supposed to arrive and beat him up.

To avoid this, he does everything that he can to be different from his book personality. This includes making allies with a dragon who has a very strong and stubborn personality and being a better person just to avoid his destined beatdown from the hero.

9 Tasha Hopes To Find And Rescue His Sister Before His Curse Takes His Life (Witch Buster)

Witch Buster manhwa

Witch Buster, from the author and illustrator Cho Jung-Man, is a fantasy, action, and adventure manhwa set in a world filled with magic. In this manhwa, the witches decided to rise up and use their incredible powers to take over many countries.

Humans with special abilities joined together to become Witch Hunters to rid the world of witches who were evil. One such person is Tasha. With his pumpkin-headed companion, he travels in the world in search of his sister. Tasha hopes that she can lift the curse that she placed on him before it kills him.

8 Kubera Might Be The Salvation That The World Needs… Or Its Downfall (Kubera)

Kubera manhwa

Kubera, from the author and artist Currygom, is an action and adventure fantasy manhwa. In this world, Gods exist, and they are powerful and eternal, and Sura, their rivals, are just as strong. Then there are the humans, who are caught between the two powerful races.

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Kubera lived a peaceful life in her village until it burned down. Thankfully, she meets a wizard by the name of Asha. Together, they journey across the world in search of answers, but what they soon discover is that Kubera will either be the world’s only hope or its downfall.

7 Three People Set Out On A Journey With Different Goals, But Each Leads Them To Peril (Magician)

Magician manhwa

From the author and artist Sarae Kim, Magician is a unique comedy and adventure manhwa with elements of magic, revenge, and drama. When setting out on a journey, most groups have a common goal. For Iremy, Enzu, and Ethermask, their goals differ.

One of them is looking for revenge, another is just there because he hasn’t got anything else to do, and the last of the trio is looking for a manuscript. What they don’t know is that their journey is full of peril and they might just not survive.

6 Jinwoo Sung Is An E-Class Hunter Who Finds A Hidden Dungeon That Will Change His Life In More Ways Than He Can Imagine (Solo Leveling)

Solo Leveling is an RPG fantasy and adventure manhwa from the creators Sung-lak Jang, Redice Studio, Chugong, So-ryeong Gi, and h-goon. Jinwoo Sung is an E-class Hunter, which means he is the weakest of them all and earns basically next to nothing. Supporting his family is already hard as it is.

When his party stumbles across a hidden dungeon, he believes that this is his chance to level up and grow stronger. What he doesn’t expect is that leveling up would change him to his very core.

5 Mookhyang Is Cursed Into Another World, Is Transformed Into A Woman, And Has To Fight To Survive (Mookhyang: Dark Lady)

Mookhyang: Dark Lady manhwa

Mookhyang: Dark Lady by the creators Dong-Jo Jeon and Jae-Heon Lee is an action and adventure manhwa filled with magic and mecha. Mookhyang, a powerful martial artist, finds himself in a strange new world filled with elves, dragons, and magicians after getting cursed by his enemies.

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Unfortunately for Mookhyang, his power and control over qi become known, and he’s cursed once more. This time, he’s cursed to become a woman. Mookhyang must fight his way back to his homeland or die trying.

4 Hanbin Ryu Is Transported Into Another World Where He, Along With Many Others, Must Learn To Survive (Latna Saga: Survival Of A Sword King)

Latna Saga: Survival Of A Sword King manhwa

From the creators Gyeong-bae Im and Sun-gyu Gwon, Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King is an action and adventure manhwa with magic, RPG, and isekai elements. In this manhwa, Hanbin Ryu was recently discharged from the military and doesn’t have a purpose in life. Before he knows what’s happening, he is transported to another world.

Unfortunately, the system he is granted for survival and growth is bugged, and he gets stuck in the tutorial stage for twenty years. When he finally escapes from the tutorial, he meets other people who were pulled from their worlds. He must figure out how to survive, but it’s going to be hard for Hanbin, as he never made it past the tutorial stages.

3 A Shut-In Otaku With Many Inner Demons Is Summoned To Another World To Help A Young Summoner (Her Summon)

Her Summon manhwa

From the author and artist Jin-Joon Park, Her Summon is an action and adventure manhwa with isekai and magic elements. In this manhwa, Otaku Jin-kyung has become a shut-in and has surrounded himself with games and everything to do with the online world. For three very long years, that has been his life.

However, his lonely life changes when he is summoned to another world by a young summoner who needs his help. Jin-kyung must do what he can to help her while battling his inner demons.

2 Magic Suddenly Disappears From The World, And Only Two People With Troubled Lives Can Wield It (Dark Air)

Dark Air manhwa

Dark Air, from the author and illustrator Min-seo Park, is an action and adventure manhwa with magic and romance. In this manhwa, magic once filled the world, and it was used quite often. Then, one day, magic disappeared without a trace and no one knows why.

Now, magicians are seen as lesser beings by everyone, including warriors. However, there are two people in this world that can still perform magic. One is a magician who wants more and more power and the other is a young boy who has lost everything.

1 Jee-Han, Along With Select Others, Can See RPG Elements In The Real World (The Gamer)

the gamer manhwa

From the author and artist Sang-Ah and San-Young Sung, The Gamer is a comedy and action manhwa with RPG elements and superpowers. In this manhwa, Jee-Han is an avid gamer who loves nothing more than to spend his time gaming.

One day, he gains the skills to superimpose RPG elements onto the real world, and he gains experience by doing even the most ordinary tasks. He soon discovers that he’s not the only one with these abilities and that there are monsters that need to be defeated and more skills to be unlocked.

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